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Dec 11, 2013

The construction activity is at full pace and running on schedule. We’re excited to offer you the opportunity to join us in this effort. To do that, we are kicking off a new brick fundraising campaign. For as little as $120, you can be part of our Museum history by buying a brick for our new front courtyard. As donations to the Museum are tax deductible, be sure to get yours in before January 1st to take this benefit in the 2013 tax year.

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Fred Cannon

Museum Executive Director


  1. 27 Ken Fields 02 Feb

    I would like to buy a brick in honor of my father's 90th birthday on Feb 27. He was a pilot for Delta from 1950 until 1985. Please let me  know how to make this happen .

    Thank you,

    Ken Fields

  2. 26 Robert S. Allen 09 Jan

    Robert S. Allen                                                                                                         Dept. 591                                                                                                           1947- 1989 

  3. 25 DAVID ROLDAN 12 Nov
  4. 24 Doug Welsh 05 Oct

    Can two people split brick and any other info on brick except name ??

  5. 23 Melinda Florio 18 Mar


      Is it too late to buy a brick to be installed in time for the Block Party?

  6. 22 SIMONE TRAVERS 04 Mar

    Fred, I originally ordered a 4x8 brick and received confirmation.  However, I would like to change that to an 8x8 brick with a few slight changes to the engraving.  Please advise if that would still be possible.


    Simone Metcalfe Travers


  7. 21 Daniel Swords 22 Feb
    when is the dead line to buy a brick and still have it displayed at the opening in May? 
  8. 20 Brenda Duncan 17 Jan
    What is the deadline for buying a brick?
  9. 19 Karen Burke 11 Jan

    I bought a brick on 12/30/2013 and I would like to change my inscription

    I   have date and retired.   I did this just before the end date.  I would like a change to MSP/GEG/DFW/PDX .  Would I still be able to edit my brick?   

  10. 18 Nancy Jones 01 Jan

    What will the Logo on the 8x8 brick look like?  There have been multiple logos through the years.

  11. 17 rsi 30 Dec

    Why not contact Leo Mullin and his co-horts and get them to buy bricks for all of us who lost salary and retirement income because of them?

  12. 16 Michelle Wright 29 Dec

    I am interested in purchasing a brick for my mother who retired from Delta.  Your website mentions buying a brick for the courtyard and buying a commemorative brick for you to keep.  There is no distinction between these options on your order site.  How I distinguish that I want this brick to go in the courtyard??  Your prompt reply would be appreciated since I would like to purchase before 1st of year.

    Thank you,


  13. 15 Paul Hannan 27 Dec

    I have 3 logos from Dulles Airport 2 from Republic and one from NWA.  These were the standard 36 inch round logos that all carriers displayed at Dulles from opening until around 1990 when the airport eased the restrictions on size and dimensions and shape of the behind the counter logos.   If you would like a picture to evaluate for donation please let me know.  I worked at Dulles from 1979-2006, RC and NWA.  Paul Hannan

    retiree from NWA.  

  14. 14 Sherry Grigg 25 Dec

    Mr Cannon, 

    I came to this sight to purchase a brick.  I would really like to put my maiden name as well as my married name    SHERRY MCDONALD GRIGG     but I am 1 character over.  I started my career at Delta as McDonald, but have been married since 1989...so I would really like to have both on the brick.  Is there any way this would be possible? May I pay for an extra letter?  

    I think allowing employees/retirees to purchase a brick is a wonderful idea!

    Thank you,

    Sherry McDonald Grigg

  15. 13 Larry Stuppy 25 Dec

    I purchased a brick and wish to change the "name" to CAPT LAURENCE STUPPY

    Thank you and Happy New Year.

    Larry Stuppy

  16. 12 william kattula 23 Dec
     I hired on with DAL in 1972 as a brand new pilot after 6 years in the U.S.A.F.I never met Mr.Woolman but his successor-Mr. Beebe and Dave Garrett continued on with the attitude that airplanes,equipment and uniforms do not make an airline but PEOPLE do.I retired in 1972 thinking the pension plan that we had would be secure.The bankruptcy of 2006 let Delta loose itself of any pension obligations,retiree medical. Since then Delta has spent Billions-2.6 to buy Northwest,it offered Japan  Air 1 billion in financial aid and more recently bought Singapore Air's share of Virgin Air.Where did all this money come from? Was it management skill or did all that freed up monies that was due retirees finance the expansion.My "Brick" is the 767 we bought-"Spirit of Delta" .Mr. Anderson-current president was at Northwest in their bankruptcy and their employees pensions were put on hold and their retirees now receive a pension.No-that C.E. Woolman spirit is gone!
  17. 11 don jones 23 Dec

    What is the final deadline to purchase a memorial brick?



  18. 10 Davis E Lebby, Jr 22 Dec

    How many spaces are allotted to a brick? 

  19. 9 Myron Papadakis 22 Dec

    Capt. M.P. "Pappy" Papadakis JD


    CNV 880, B727, B737, B757, L-1011, B767-400 

    ( tell me about where brick goes to me at home -or cemented into some wal -some where in or near museum?)  

  20. 8 William S. Coull 21 Dec

    Avionics Technician

    1957 - 1993

  21. 7 Albert Harrison 21 Dec
    Retired pilot    Jan 2,1956 to Aug 1,1992
  22. 6 David Kettelhut 20 Dec
    It would be nice to see on the website of the artist's rendition for the planned construction site.  What will this look like and how does the brick work look. I live in another state and cannot visit.
  23. 5 Ted Norris 20 Dec
    I am trying to order a brick.
  24. 4 JR Harding 16 Dec
    Fred, I only fly Delta! JR Harding (Delta disability advisory board member)

  25. 3 Rhonda Dennis 14 Dec

    Rhonda Dennis

    Memphis International Airport 

    Pinnacle Airline 5-6-2002 to 9-05-2012

    DGS 8-1-2012 to 7-04-2013

    Monroe, LA

    DGS 7-04-2013 to Present

  26. 2 angela batteh 12 Dec
    when is the last day to buy bricks for the musuem courtyard?
  27. 1 Patti English 12 Dec

    I have tried to buy a brick using three different credit cards (all three have thousands of dollars of available credit on them).  None of them are accepted.  My cards are good -- what is wrong with your website??