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Two new planes

Apr 28, 2014

It’s not very often we add new aircraft to the Museum’s fleet, so yesterday was a special day. With the help of a great Delta and DOT group, Ship 608, a Boeing 757-200 painted in its original livery, and Ship 9880, a DC-9-50 wearing its retirement livery, were brought over to the Museum from the Technical Operations Center across the airport. 

In the 1940s, the Museum’s Historic Hangars 1 & 2 were Delta’s regular maintenance hangars and were on Atlanta Airport property. Over the years, the airport has moved a few times, staying within the general area. In the 1980s, Woolman Place road was built and that severed the hangars from airport property. Therefore, moving Museum aircraft to and from the airport is never easy. It takes a lot of coordination between Delta, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Homeland Security, Landmark Aviation, DHL, and FedEx. 

Preparations to move the 757 and DC-9 began weeks ago. Conversations were had, plans were drawn, and on Saturday night, the aircraft made their way to our side of the airport. On Sunday morning, the planes made their final trip – to the Museum.

4-27-14 Moving planes 1

Ship 9880 came out first.

4-27-14 Moving planes 2

Across Woolman Place.

4-27-14 Moving planes 3

Ship 608 immediately followed.

4-27-14 Moving planes 4

The airplane parade continued onto Delta property.

4-27-14 Moving planes 5

4-27-14 Moving planes 6

Meet Ship 9880.

4-27-14 Moving planes 7

This is Ship 608.

4-27-14 Moving planes 8

Into position at the Museum entrance.  View from the road.

4-27-14 Moving planes 9

View from the parking lot.

4-27-14 Moving planes crew

Many thanks go out all who helped make the move a success!

Tiffany Meng

Museum Director