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Apr 10, 2020


...To Impress Everybody on Your Next Video Conference Call!

Just click any image below to view a larger version and download it to your computer.

Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite — or if there's one you use for serious business meetings and one for those video cocktail hours!

Delta Ship 41, Douglas DC-3

Delta Ship 41, Douglas DC-3


Delta Ship 102, Boeing 767-200, The Spirit of Delta



Delta Ship 6301, Boeing 747-400


Delta Air Lines Historic Atlanta Hangars

and home to the Delta Flight Museum!


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  1. Andrew Litt | Apr 10, 2020
    Love these! Definitely will be trying these outon my next Zoom meetings!
  2. Jeffrey Starkey | Apr 10, 2020
    I flew on a Delta 747-400 coming back to the states from Israel in Jan 2014.  This was my first and only time flying on a 747-400.  I really miss being able to fly on one since most airlines have removed them from their fleet.

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