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  • Giving Thanks to Our 2022 Archives Donors!

    Nov 22, 2022

    Every year we are very grateful for all of the donors and volunteers that, through their gifts and time, make an important impact to the daily functioning of the museum. Each year we strive to preserve the history of Delta and its family of airlines for generations to appreciate. We received a near record amount of donations this year and it has not gone unnoticed. 

    This Thanksgiving we give thanks to:

    Henry Mauldin

    Lisa Flaherty

    Debbie Wilcox

    Donald Rogers

    Darin Sharkey

    Gift of Darin Sharkey

    Delta Golden Crown Douglas DC-7, N4871C, Ship 701, Model Airplane; Gift of Darin Sharkey in memory of Jack A. Sharkey.

    Claudia Vallejos

    Rowena Bailey

    Wellborn Balkcom

    Katie Estes

    Charles Quarles

    Gift of Charles Quarles

    Northeast Airlines Junior Stewardess Cap and Badge; Gift of Charles Quarles.

    Lillian Allen

    Joy Allison

    Sharron Stine

    Joseph Moss

    Paul Talbott

    Gift of Paul Talbott

    WCA Transport Eight-Passenger Enclosed Cabin Air Liner Postcard; Gift of Paul Talbott.

    Becca Friesen

    Edward Stokes

    Harold Bevis

    Martina Goscha

    Michelle Byron

    Kathleen Burell

    Gift of Kathleen Bureell

    Hap Anderson's C&S ID Badge (Employee #0-654); Gift of Sue Ellen Anderson Quinn and daughters.

    Gloria Tuell

    Peter Finie

    Peyman Talaei

    Linda Kordowski

    Judy Graham-Weaver

    Gift of Judy Graham-Weaver

    2014 Delta Global Build Manila, Philippines Model Bus; Gift of Judy Graham-Weaver.

    Phillip Speering

    Mary Chamberlin 

    Frank Wrenn

    Michael Dugan

    Sirpa Ristimaki-Brock

    Pete Sansom

    Daniel Webb

    Gift of Daniel Webb

    Delta Air Lines D-60-9523 33 1/3 RPM record; Gift of Daniel Webb.

    Joni Harbin

    Northwest Airlines History Center

    Joyce Peak

    John Boatright

    James Orr

    Debbie Clayton

    Gift of Debbie Clayton

    Delta DC-8-51 Fanjet, N818E, Model Airplane; Gift of Debbie Clayton in Memory of Mike Clayton. 

    Karla Shuster

    Joe Armao

    Amelia Senkbeil

    Joe Walker

    Alfred Hohn 

    Gift of Algfred Hohn

    Pan Am First Class Ashtray; Gift of Alfred Hohn.

    Don Strong 

    Gerry Adams

    Stacey Arthurs

    Camelia Forte

    George Moll

    Gift of George Moll

    Northeast Douglas DC-6B, N6585C Model Airplane; Gift of George Moll.

    Matthew Miller

    Tammy Deweese

    Scott D. Woll

    Kevin Hiatt

    Louise Miller

    Gift of Louise Miller

    Pan Am Stewardess Louise Pund Miller; Gift of Louise Miller.

    Janine Viada

    Steven Folden

    Ron Stowe

    Jean Flowers

    Sharon Massey

    Gift of Sharon Massey

    Stinson SR-8E Reliant Model Airplane; Gift of Sharon Massey

    Gail O. Evilsizor

    A.G. Ros

    Fred Deleeuw

    Brittany Lofton

    Jack Underwood

    Gift of Jack Underwood

    Delta DC-7B, Ship 717, N4887C; Photographs by Jack Underwood.

    Judy Jordan

    Cristina Cabrera-Lopez

    Ed Taylor

    Barbara Jabat

    Gift of Barbara Jabat

    Pan Am Flight Engineer Uniform Hat; Gift of the Jabat Family in memory of Don Jabat.

    Robin Owen

    Cindy Nelson

    Russell Gariota

    Jayne Steinbrenner

    Judy Bean

    Diane Stepp

    Gift of Diane Stepp

    Delta Agent Wings; Gift of Diane Rodefeld Stepp and Jane Rodefeld Harwell in Memory of Lester George (Kelly) and Alba Turner (Bunny) Rodefeld.

    Tracy Hardt

    Sue Cortese

    Judy Cable

    Jim Daigneau

    Craig Myers

    Patty Shay

    Gift of Patty Shay

    Western Airlines aircraft parked at Alhambra Airport in 1930. From left to right: Fokker F-10, Fokker F-14, Boeing 40 B4, Boeing 95, Douglas M-2, and Stearman 4-D; Gift of Patty Shay.

    Terry Hanner

    Fran Morgan

    Chris Slimmer

    Toni Holman

    Edward Anderson

    Wallace Albrecht

    Gift of Wallace Albrecht

    Delta Commuter Case; Gift of Wallace and Jill Albrecht in Memory of Bob Lindley.

    Sandra Shuster

    Kerry Ramsberger

    Erik Bernhard

    Rick Neyland

    Kiel Norris

    Chris Rynerson

    Gift of Chris Rynerson in memory of John Rynerson

    Northwest Airlines Flight Attendant Wings; Gift of Chris Rynerson in Memory of John Rynerson. 

    David Kasulas

    Norris Polley

    Michael Walton

    Julie Shultz

    Gaylon Woods

    Leigh Gordon

    Gift of Leigh Gordon

    Delta Stewardess Uniform Hat; Gift of Leigh Gordon in Memory of Michal Craig-Gordon.

    Gay Bondurant

    Bernard Coholich

    Craig Wood

    Marcus McCann

    Betty Gwynn

    Bill Rosenbloom

    A very special thanks to all of those that donated their time or Delta history to the Archives in 2022! Your generosity fuels us! Thank you for making this year so special. From all of us at the Delta Flight Museum, Happy Thanksgiving!  

    If you have a donation, please contact me at austin.coleman@delta.com


    Austin Vallejos-Coleman


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