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Employee Spotlight: Sylvester Pittman

Apr 09, 2015

You’ve seen Sylvester Pittman on flights, social media, in commercials, and here at the Delta Flight Museum. Sylvester, Sly to his friends, has been a part of the Delta family since 1988, first joining Delta Air Lines as a customer service agent on the ramp in West Palm Beach, FL. Since then, he’s moved around with his various Delta jobs from FL to DC to NYC. He’s called Atlanta home for the last 15 years and officially retired from Delta in 2008 as a flight attendant. 

Sly Pittman in DL uniform 2006

Sly showing exceptional customer service onboard a flight.

Last year, the Museum reopened after an extensive renovation project, and we were very lucky to snag Sly and his passion for aviation and history. A true AvGeek at heart, Sly was the ideal fit for a Museum Supervisor position with his airline knowledge, Delta background, and extensive customer service experience. He brings his excitement about the aviation industry to our visitors and colleagues.

Sly Pittman with visitors

As a Museum employee, Sly is able to talk to visitors about his favorite subject – Delta.

In addition to his work at Delta and the Museum, Sly is cofounder of AirlineGuys, an online resource for aviation enthusiasts and discussion groups. Sly, along with former Museum Supervisor, Darin Topham, created AirlineGuys in 2010. They got to know each other as cabin crew members and combined their enthusiasm about all things aviation-related. Tapping into their experience in airline operations, leadership, and PR, AirlineGuys brings people’s attention to the extraordinary experience of flying and highlights the positive aspects of world travel. 

Sly's positive energy is obvious to our visitors. To see for yourself, ask for him the next time you visit the Museum.

Sly Pittman in his airplane room at home

Sly loves aviation so much, he created an “airplane room” in his own home.

Tiffany Meng

Director of Operations


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  1. Jody Marro | Sep 04, 2015
    Flew many trips with Sly in NYC and his energy and passion for the job was infectious. He is the perfect candidate for this posittion. Look forward to meeting up with him again!
  2. Greg Mandel | Aug 24, 2015

    I had the pleasure of meeting Sly this past Saturday, 8/22, while I was a guest at the Museum.  I had purchased my membership months ago and just got the chance to visit. One of the many attributes Delta takes pride in, is the professionalism of their employees.  Sly is the perfect example of that.  With that professionalism, as well as his knowledge of aviation, the museum and Delta's history, made my day incredible.  I was there from 10AM until the door closed at 4:30!  Being a TWA "brat", I have also lived the life of aviation and was truly impressed. (Not an easy feat!) I will most definitely visit again.

  3. denise gray-hudson | May 12, 2015

    Look who I stumbled into! Hey Sylvester...I sure miss your smile.  I am happy that you have a new home.  I am going to have to make a point to come and see you.  Looking good!


  4. Cynthia | Apr 20, 2015

    Sly...I was encouraged by the write up on your life with Delta. Your dedication and enthusiasm is most desired. I plan to take the flight tour and hope I get to talk with you during that time. 

    I am over 50,  have NEVER flown due to fear and anxiety. However I need to take a flight to visit a sick relative and its OVER- WHELMING! Visiting the sight to purchase a ticket and actually purchasing is a constant challenge. I hope I have the opportunity to view inside the plane during the tour.  Maybe it will help me (somewhat) to get on a plane.

  5. Patricia Chute Sapir | Apr 10, 2015

    What a wonderful article.  We ment at Cliff's birthday party in Boston.

    and, as always, airline people love the center seat!

    warm regards,


  6. Deborah | Apr 09, 2015
    I was fortunate to have worked with Sly in DCA in the 1990's.  Sylvester's customer service skills were such an asset to Delta in Washington, DC where it is a challenge to ensure all customers feel they are being treated as VIPs every day. We could always count on Sly to handle any situation with ease and grace.  His disarming manner and willingness to go the extra mile has always allowed him to be a success and excel in customer service. 
  7. Alton Thomas, PhD | Apr 09, 2015
    That's my very best friend in the entire galaxy! Great job!
  8. sonja | Apr 09, 2015

    I have personally had the opportunity to work with Sly and call him a friend. He is amazing as a customer service provider and as a person. You cannot help but smile and be happy when Sly is around, his happiness and enthusiasm for aviation and life are contagious.

    Sonja Goode

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