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Getting Ready for Take Off! A Glimpse Inside Ship 6301

May 05, 2016

While the move may be over, the work is just getting started to get Ship 6301 ready for visitors! 

Today, a visit from the planning team working on the interior gave us a chance to take some images of the current interior of the 747-400. While Ship 6301 was at Delta TechOps, a team of Aircraft Maintenance Technicians (AMTs) removed parts and rearranged seating based on our design plan for her as an exhibition.

The upper deck remains almost exactly as it was when Ship 6301 was taken out of service in September 2015. Visitors will be able to try out the Delta One seats and take a peek into the cockpit of the Queen of the Skies.

The major change to the upper deck was the removal of the galley. This will give visitors a view down to the now empty back cabin: a space that measure approximately 20 feet x 90 feet.

Two sections of flooring have been removed to give visitors a glimpse into the mechanical workings of the 747-400 along with the large cargo sections. These cutouts will be covered in glass tiles.

Exposed insulation, flight controls and structural elements will help visitors understand how such a large aircraft was able to fly so far and so fast. In the image below, part of the 747 Planning Team discuss details about the exhibits that will also be included to share both the history of the 747 and why those who flew these aircraft loved them so much.

In the next few weeks, work will begin on the plaza that will eventually be the home of Ship 6301. Stay connected to the Delta Flight Museum for the latest information on this exciting project! #delta747experience

Tim Frilingos

Manager - Exhibits


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  1. Keith Prior | Jan 17, 2017

    I have flown in the 747 with Swiss Air  with a Delta  miles Pan Am, Northwest and Delta. I'm looking forward to a visit of the 747 at the museum. I think it would be great if one side was in delta colors and the other side was is Northwest colors.

    Enjoyed the museum  before the 747 was there now it will be even better!


  2. Pete Sansom | Jun 24, 2016
    Ship 6306 operated flight 837, 11MAY15 ATL-HNL
    Ship 6308 operated flight 836, 17MAY15 HNL-ATL
    Trivia –
    Ship 6301 operated AMS-ATL-AMS on May 11, 2015

    Ship 6301 operated ICN-DTW-CDG on May 17, 2015


  3. Bob Sims | May 19, 2016

    I think my wife and I may have flown on ship 6301 last year ---either DL 837 (5-11-2015 -ATL-HNL) or DL 836 (5-17-2015 HNL-ATL).  Is there any way to confirm this?

    Obviously, Ship 6301 and its future would be of greater interest if we actually had flown on it.  In any case is still a very interesting project to us.  My first flight was on Delta...May 11, 1964.  I have probably flown on every aircraft type Delta has had in its fleet since then!

    Thank you,

    Bob and Susan Sims

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