Delta Brand

Delta Aircraft Livery

The Beginning: Unique Livery for Each Aircraft Model
Travel Air S-6000-B

Travel Air S-6000-B

black and orange paint scheme
Stinson Model T

Stinson Model T

navy with fire engine red cheat line
Stinson Model A

Stinson Model A

blue and orange paint scheme

Polished Metal Emerges: 1935-1940
Lockheed 10 Electra

Lockheed 10 Electra

Delta logo on metal

Douglas DC-2

Douglas DC-2

Blue lines, Delta logo on metal

Red, White and Blue: 1940-late 1940s
Douglas DC-3
Douglas DC-6

White Cap Livery: late 1940s-1960s
Convair 440

White paint on top of fuselage reflected sun; kept planes cooler.

Lockheed 749 Constellation

Delta-C&S markings, 1953-55

Indicated merger of Delta and Chicago and Southern Air Lines.
Douglas DC-7

DC-7 Golden Crown markings, 1950s

Early Jets: Unique Livery for Each Model
Douglas DC-8-11

Douglas DC-8-11

modernized "white cap" scheme
Convair 880

Convair 880

all-white fuselage, crown on tail


Douglas DC-9-14

sideways widget scheme

Classic Delta Widget Livery: 1962-1997

Paint scheme highlighting Delta's new "widget" logo. Introduced with Douglas DC-8-51 in 1962. Became standard look for entire Delta fleet in September 1968, with the words "Air Lines" eliminated to increase the streamlined look.

Lockheed L-1011

1997 "Interim" Livery

Paint scheme of a red/blue tail, a cheatline and "Delta Air Lines" on fuselage.

Boeing 767-400

2000 Colors in Motion Livery

Red, dark and light blue flowing colors on the tail and Delta logo on the front fuselage. Nicknamed "Flowing Fabric" and "Wavy Gravy."

Boeing 777

Soft widget logo, 2000

McDonnell Douglas MD-88

Return to traditional widget, 2004

2007 "Onward and Upward" Livery

Delta's 3-dimensional red widget logo was introduced with a new livery nicknamed "Onward and Upward." For more information, see the Delta Brand Fact Sheet 2007

In May 2015, Delta added its name in white to the blue belly of its planes. More details here.

Boeing 777 New livery