Delta Brand

Employee Uniforms


1940-1942 Winter
This was the first uniform worn by Delta flight attendants, or "stewardesses," as they were called at the time. Military styling of navy blue jacket fastened with brass buttons, a gored skirt, overseas cap and white gloves. White silk blouse had a pleated front.

The uniform was purchased from Rich's department store in Atlanta, Georgia. Cost to employee: $110, which was payroll deductible. Introduced on Delta's 14-passenger Douglas DC-2 flights.



1940-1942 Summer

Lightweight uniform made up of a beige jacket and gored skirt, an open-collared blouse in rust, and an oval cap. Shoes were brown and cream spectators. Uniform purchased from Neiman Marcus department store in Dallas, Texas.



1942-1946 Winter
Stewardesses wore black head-to-toe, from their overseas cap and gored-skirted suit, to the pumps. A black tie was worn one winter with the white tuxedo-front blouse.



1943-1946 Summer

No more brass buttons in summer—this tan, collarless jacket fastened with two plastic buttons. Skirt was box-pleated and knee-length. White, button-down blouse and tan overseas cap finished the look.




1946-1948 Purser Uniform

Male pursers in maritime uniforms, purchased from Army & Navy Stores, briefly appeared post-war, from March 1946 to Summer 1948. Each purser worked with a female flight attendant as team of two onboard the DC-4, Delta's new four-engine, 44-seat aircraft.



1947-1949 Winter

Military styling continued for winter with navy jacket, gored skirt, overseas cap and pumps. White blouse had a jewel neckline.



1947 Summer

Similar color (tan) and style to previous summer uniform, but featuring a jacket with one button, not two, and narrower skirt without box pleating.



1948-1953 Summer

One of Delta's prettiest uniforms—short Eisenhower jacket of cream worn over white blouse and slim navy blue skirt. 

Uniform by Pan American Uniform Company of Miami, Florida. Hat by Mae Hanauer of New York, NY.



1950-1956 Winter

Brass buttons discontinued for winter—this navy blue jacket fastened with one plastic button. Jacket had wider lapels and skirt was narrower than last winter's uniform.




1954-1965 Summer

Light blue, form-fitting, long, collarless jacket fastened with three, fabric-covered buttons. Two slit pockets in front. Light blue skirt was slim with kick-pleat in back. White v-neck blouse, light blue overseas cap, and navy-and-white stiletto spectator pumps finished the look. Uniform by Hamilton Tailoring Company of Cincinnati, Ohio. Cap by Mae Hanauer of New York, NY. 

Delta introduced this uniform after acquiring its first international flights—to the Caribbean and Caracas, Venezuela—from a merger with Chicago and Southern Air Lines on May 1, 1953. This "tropical weight uniform" was worn year-round on international flights.

Serving smocks, in dark blue, were issued for meal service for first time in 1960. 

In 1962, Delta altered the jacket for a trendy look closer in style to its 1959-1965 Winter Uniform. Jacket was cropped to just below the waist, eliminating the two front slit pockets. Sleeves were shortened to 3/4 length. 



1956-1957 Winter

Long, collarless jacket; narrow skirt; overseas cap in gray. Shoes were black-and-white stiletto spectator pumps.

Uniform by Hamilton Tailoring Company of Cincinnati, Ohio. Hat by Mae Hanauer of New York, NY.



1957-1959 Winter
Navy blue collarless jacket, narrow skirt and overseas cap paired with navy stiletto pumps.