Family Tree

The Delta Family represents the people, heritage and achievements of more than 40 affiliated airlines and nearly 100 years of aviation history. 

Did you know Delta's early international destinations came from its first airline merger in 1953? Learn more pioneering achievements of Delta's family of airlines.

Delta Family Tree

Meet the airlines of Delta’s Family Tree.


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C and S Airline
Chicago and Southern Air Lines

Brought Delta's first international routes to the Caribbean and Venezuela in 1953.

NorthEast Airlines
Northeast Airlines

Boston-based Northeast extended Delta's East Coast services from Canada to the Caribbean in 1972.

Western Airlines
Western Airlines

Western was the oldest continuously operating airline in the U.S. when it merged with Delta in 1987.

Pan Am
Pan Am
Delta acquired Pan Am's transatlantic and shuttle routes in 1991.
Northwest Airlines

Northwest Airlines
Northwest carried the most customers across the Pacific and was a top cargo carrier in the U.S. in 2008.