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Boeing 777-232
545,000 lbs.
8,680 statute miles
550 mph (880 kph)
209 ft., 1 in.
212 ft., 7 in.
61 ft., 4 in.
HP or Thrust:
No. flown by DL:
First Delivery:
March 23, 1999
First Scheduled Service:
May 1, 1999
Reason Aquired:
Last Retirement:
Reason Disposed:

Narrative:  Boeing 777 1999-present

Technical Advances & Delivery

Delta's 777-232 was "designed for the long-haul traveler," offering industry-leading customer service in 1999: 2x2x2 seating in BusinessElite, and personal in-seat videos, adjustable footrests, headrests and lumbar support in Economy Class.

Safety features included satellite communications, Global Positioning System, Predictive Windshear and Collision Avoidance Systems, and Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System.

Delta welcomed its first two Boeing 777s in March 1999: Ship 7001 on March 23, and Ship 7002 on March 29. See the press release for details.

Both Boeing 777s went into scheduled service on May 1, 1999. Ship 7001 took off first from Atlanta to London—Gatwick. Service extended to Cincinnati—London and Atlanta—Frankfurt routes later that year.

Suspended Service & Deliveries
On June 11, 1999, Delta announced it was delaying further deliveries of the 777 due to ongoing pilot contract negotiations over pay rates and work rules for the 777. Delta suspended 777 service on November 1, 1999, the pilot labor contract agreement was ratified on November 29, 1999, and Delta resumed 777 service on December 1. 

Deliveries of 777s soon followed. Ship 7006 arrived on December 07, 1999. Four more 777s (Ships 7004-7005 & 7007) were also delivered that month. Ship 7008 was delivered to Delta on March 15, 2002.

Ship 7005 Celebrates 2002 Olympic Games
Delta was named Official Airline of the 2002 Olympic Games and painted several aircraft in commemorative livery. Ship 7005 (N864DA) was christened The Soaring Spirit II and sported a special design featuring images of Olympic Gold Medalist Bonnie Blair and Olympic athletes Duncan Kennedy and Ryan Heckman.

The Soaring Spirit II carried the Olympic Flame from its home in Athens, Greece, to North America. It then operated twice-daily New York (JFK)-Salt Lake City charter flights for the duration of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.

Long-Range 777s Arrive

Delta was the first U.S. carrier to take delivery of the Boeing 777-200LR, the world's longest-range commercial airplane, in 2008. With this new plane, Delta bolstered its international expansion with the ability to connect virtually any two city pairs around the globe nonstop.

The Boeing 777-200LR had a range of 8,800 miles and carried 15 crew members and 276 passengers. With lie-flat seats in business class, slimline seats in coach, and a new entertainment system, Delta's 777-232LR set a new standard for international travel among U.S. carriers.

There were 44 fully horizontal personal sleeper suites in the BusinessElite section in 2008, featuring:

  • A reclining seat that adjusts to multiple comfortable positions, including a completely flat surface offering travelers a 6-foot 3-inch bed;
  • A privacy screen incorporating pull out meal table, fold-out video monitor, integrated footrest and personal stowage compartment for bags, shoes or blankets; and
  • Immediate access to the aisle so customers don't have to disturb another passenger when exiting their seat
Ship 7101: The Delta Spirit

Delta's first 777-232LR—Ship 7101 (N701DN)—delivered on February 29, 2008, at Boeing Field in Seattle, Washington. On March 6, at a ceremony in the Delta Technical Operations Center in Atlanta, Ship 7101 was christened "The Delta Spirit" in recognition of Delta employees worldwide. Name also honored The Spirit of Delta, a Boeing 767-200 purchased by employees as a gift to Delta in 1982.

The Delta Spirit entered scheduled service on March 8, 2008, with a flight from Atlanta, to Los Angeles, California. First international flight was Atlanta to Tokyo, Japan, on March 9, 2008.

Ship 7108: David C. Garrett
Kicking off a week of celebrations commemorating 80 years of Delta passenger service, Delta dedicated a long-range 777 to former CEO David C. Garrett on June 10, 2009. Garrett served as Delta CEO from 1978 to 1987.

Ship 7108 David C. Garrett went into service between Atlanta and Mumbai on June 11, 2009. The following month, it flew Delta's inaugural flight to Sydney, Australia, on July 1.

Ship 7102: The Spirit of Atlanta
In January 2011, Delta celebrated 70 years as Atlanta's hometown airline by christening Boeing 777-200LR, N702DN, "The Spirit of Atlanta" with a virtual bottle of Coca-Cola. Delta's close ties with the city date back to 1941, when the airline moved its headquarters to Atlanta. See press release.

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