Delta History

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Delta's 95 years of history

Discover the unique stories and culture of a company that grew from a crop-dusting operation to a global airline serving more than 300 destinations on six continents. 

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Founder C.E. Woolman established the "Delta difference": "There is only about two percent difference between success and failure — and that two percent is the determination and singleness of purpose that makes us do things. Without it, we are just another airline — with it, nothing can stop us."

C.E. Woolman's most famous quotes.


Delta’s 1940s headquarters are the oldest surviving buildings of the Atlanta airport. Designated a Historic Aerospace Site in 2011. Learn more.

April 1:
DC-7 service begins in 1954.

April 1:
Delta merges with Western Airlines; flies MD-88 (as MD-82) in 1987. 

April 2:
MD-90 service starts in 1995.

April 30:
Delta's first transatlantic flight (Atlanta-London) in 1978.