Hangar One

The Propeller Age:

Five aircraft, three interactive touchscreens, 72 feet of exhibit cases and two wall graphics show Delta and the airline industry from take off in the 1920s to the arrival of prop-jets in 1959.

Crop Dusting – 

Delta’s Unique Beginning

Highlights the start of aerial crop dusting as Huff Daland Dusters, entrepreneur C.E. Woolman’s first experience with the industry and the foundation of Delta’s strong reputation, originally as a top-quality, extensive services provider for the repair and overhaul of aircraft.

Flying the Mail

Highlights the start of carrying mail by air and the establishment of passenger service in the United States.

Closed Cabin Comfort

Shows the evolution of cabin comfort from folding seats in mail compartments to insulated, heated and noise-blocking cabins. Highlights improvements in flight speed, pilot training and safety that led to faster and safer airline service and more dependable schedules.

The DC-3: An Airplane 

for Everyone

Highlights the introduction of the revolutionary DC-3 and the beginning of Delta flight attendants who promoted and exemplified the Delta company culture.

Innovations in 

Customer Service

Highlights easier payment methods, reduced-fare coach flights, specialized vacation packages, the “hub” model and innovations in Cargo and Reservations that improved Delta’s customer service.

Above or Around the Weather

Highlights new technology that ensured smoother flying and increased comfort
for passengers.

Luxury Travel to Your Destination

Shows the evolution of luxury services for the airline industry, from special check in and bag handling and champagne on board to the introduction of the ultimate in luxury – the jet airplane.

C.E. Woolman: Mr. Delta

A 12-foot exhibit case features artifacts, photos, film clip and quotes that showcase C.E. Woolman, Delta's principal founder and first CEO.