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Aircraft Make & Model:
Airbus A220-100
3,393 miles (5,460 km)
515 mph (829 km/h)
109 passengers (12 First Class, 15 Delta Comfort+, 82 Main Cabin)
114 ft 9 in (34.98 m)
115 ft 1 in (35.08 m)
115 ft 1 in (35.08 m)
2 Pratt & Whitney PW1500G Turbofans (wing mounted)
HP or Thrust:
No. flown by DL:
90 ordered: 40 Model -100, 50 Model -300
Initial service to top domestic business routes
Fuel efficiency, innovative interiors provide "a widebody feel on a narrowbody jet"
First Delivery:
October 26, 2018
First Scheduled Service:
February 7, 2019
Reason Aquired:
Replace aircraft like the CRJ700, CRJ900 and Embraer E-175 aircraft. Part of Delta's fleet modernization effort to replace 20 percent of older, less-efficient aircraft by 2020.
Last Retirement:
Reason Disposed:

Narrative:  Airbus A220 2019-present

"The A220 will serve as the cornerstone of our future domestic growth." Delta CEO Ed Bastian, October 26, 2018.


  • First U.S. airline to take delivery of the Airbus A220, formerly known as the "Bombardier C Series."
  • Best-in-class fuel performance for narrowbody, single-aisle aircraft. 
  • State-of-the-art interior featuring seat-back screens in all cabins, Gogo 2Ku Wi-Fi, and among the widest seats of any narrowbody aircraft (18.6 inches seat width in the Main Cabin).
  • Other cabin innovations: largest windows in the narrowbody, single-aisle market, high-capacity overhead bins with the largest stowage in its class, and full-spectrum LED ambient lighting

Orders & Deliveries
In April 2016, Delta was the U.S. launch customer for the Bombardier C Series, placing an order for 75 CS100 aircraft. The more fuel-efficient mainline aircraft offered Delta added network flexibility. Since 2009, Delta had retired 280 50-seat regional jets and more than 130 older, narrowbody aircraft, while refreshing its fleet with over 300 aircraft.

“As we reshape our fleet for the future, the innovative onboard experience of the C Series is a perfect complement for the top-notch service provided every day by Delta people,” said Ed Bastian, Delta’s incoming CEO in 2016. “These new aircraft are a solid investment, allowing us to take advantage of superior operating economics, network flexibility and best-in-class fuel performance.” 

With Pratt & Whitney’s latest geared turbofan PW1500G engine, advanced technology and composite materials, the CS100 offered 20 percent improvement in fuel efficiency over similar-sized, single-aisle aircraft, as well as reduced noise and emissions. With the order of the C Series, Delta would no longer induct the Embraer E190 into its fleet as planned.

In July 2018, Airbus rebranded the Bombardier C Series as the A220, after acquiring a new majority stake in the product line. Delta accepted delivery of its first A220-100 (N101DU) on October 26, 2018.

In January 2019, Delta extended its A220 order by 15 aircraft to a total of 90. Delta's A220 fleet will consist of 40 A220-100 series and 50 larger A220-300 series, with the first A220-300 delivery scheduled in 2020. 


Delta's A220 service started February 7, 2019, from its hub at New York-LaGuardia (LGA) to Boston. Service from LGA to Dallas/Ft. Worth (DFW) also began later that day. 

Originally scheduled for January 31, the A220 inaugural was postponed when the 35-day government shutdown from December 22, 2018 until January 25, 2019, caused delays in the certification processes required by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration.

Initial Service
Schedule for Delta's initial A220 service over top domestic business routes:

  • New York-LGA to Boston and New York-LGA to Dallas/Ft. Worth (January 2019)
  • Detroit to Dallas/Ft. Worth (March)
  • New York-LGA to Houston-IAH (April)
  • Salt Lake City to Dallas/Ft. Worth (May)
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul to Dallas/Ft. Worth (June)
  • Houston-IAH to Detroit & Minneapolis/St. Paul and Houston-IAH to Salt Lake City
  • New York-JFK to Dallas/Ft. Worth (August)

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