Travel Air outside Hangar 2, ca 2000
Travel Air in Monroe_LA_1999
Travel Air interior, ca. 2000

Delta Air Service Travel Air 6B Sedan

Unique Plane

Restored 1931 Curtiss-Wright 6B Sedan painted in International Orange and black of earlier 1929 Travel Air S-6000-B. Tail number NC8878 celebrates the Travel Air that flew Delta’s first passengers on June 17, 1929.

The 6B Sedan and S-6000-B models were built from the same design, but Curtiss-Wright acquired Travel Air Manufacturing Co. in August 1929 and rebranded. Same plane; different names.

One of only four 6B Sedans still intact. Built in 1931, and carried executives of a pipeline company for the next decade. Fought fires in Montana for 31 years, from 1941-1972, hauling smoke jumpers and supplies.


Delta Captain Doug Rounds completed initial restoration with family and friends from 1975 to 1983. Delta purchased the plane in 1985, and put it on display at headquarters in Atlanta.

Our aircraft restoration team made improvements in 1997-2000: replacing brakes; rebuilding engine; rewiring instrument panel; installing intercom system, Becker transponder and VHF transceiver. New carpet, leather sidewalls, ceiling panels and lighting gave interior a 1930’s vintage look.

Special Events

Flew to EAA's AirVenture in 2000. Awarded “Antique Transport Runner-Up” for excellent restoration.

Recreated Delta's first flight to celebrate 70th and 75th passenger service anniversaries in 1999 and 2004. Flew from Dallas-Love Field in Texas, to Jackson, Mississippi, with stops in Monroe and Shreveport, Louisiana.

More Information

1985 “Delta’s Travel Air” Brochure: Details about plane’s manufacturing and initial restoration.

Flickr: Photos of Delta's Travel Air

Travel Air Restorers Association: More about vintage Travel Airs—and those who love them!


Travel Air SB Sedan

Registration No.: NC8878 (current), 477W (original)
Serial No.: 6B-2040
Manufactured Date: April 11, 1931
Manufacturer: Curtiss-Wright Airplane Company in St. Louis, Missouri
Wingspan: 48 ft., 7 in.
Length: 31 ft., 5 in.
Height: 9 ft., 3 in.
Range: 550 statute miles
Cruise Speed: 95 mph
Occupants: 5 passengers and 2 pilots
Maximum Weight: 4,420 lbs.
Engines: Wright Whirlwind R-975-28
Thrust: 450 hp
Propeller: Hamilton Standard, Ground Adjustable
Fuel Capacity: 90 gallons
Materials: Steel frame covered with a “skin” of linen and epoxy.
Price when New: $12,435
Delta 75th anniversary passenger service, 2004
Delta 75th anniversary passenger service, 2004