Prototype Lockheed L-1011

Original fuselage section of the first L-1011 TriStar built by Lockheed. Only used for test flights; never flown by an airline.

  • Type: Lockheed L-1011-1
  • Serial Number: 1001
  • First flight date: November 16, 1970


Google Maps: Click here to explore a 360 view of the aircraft's interior.

YouTube: Rollout and first flight of prototype L-1011 in 1970.

Movie Set

After the plane retired, an aircraft maintenance team from the Delta Technical Operations Center (TOC) in Atlanta traveled to Ardmore, Oklahoma, in 1989, and salvaged a 65-feet section of the fuselage from cockpit to wing. They split the section into three pieces and trucked the pieces to Atlanta.

The team created a mock-up aircraft as a set for photography sessions and filming movies, commercials and in-flight safety videos. It rested on a frame that supported and moved the three sections to allow wide camera angles. The exterior was painted in the classic widget livery worn by Delta L-1011 from 1973-2001.

The movie set was housed at the MGM-Disney Studios in Orlando, Florida. At the time, Delta was the official airline of Walt Disney World. Movies filmed in the L-1011 include Passenger 57, starring Wesley Snipes, and Quick Changestarring Bill Murray.

Museum Store

Returned to Delta headquarters in Atlanta in 1999. Served briefly as a unique conference room, before opening its doors as the Delta Museum Store from June 17, 2002 to Fall 2013. 


In Spring 2014, the L-1011 moved from Historic Hangar 1 to Historic Hangar 2 and was retrofitted as a conference room available for event rentals. While the Museum was closed for COVID-19 in 2020-2021, the audiovisual system and interior went through a major upgrade.


More Information

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