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Hangar 2 is getting a facelift

Sep 27, 2013

The construction crews have been working on both the inside and outside of Historic Hangar 2 for the last few weeks.  Here's a photo from a month ago:

Historic Hangar 2 exterior 8-24-13

And here's one from this morning:

Historic Hangar 2 on 9-27-13

Can you spot the differences?

Tiffany Meng

Museum Director

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  1. Donna Wilson | Sep 28, 2013

    Making changes in history!  Even though it's good to keep some things permanent for historical reasons, some times it's better to preserve than to leave things alone.  Even though there are changes being made to our wonderful historical hangar, these changes will enhance and preserve the history made there.  There may be some physical adaptations made but the total character of the whole area will remain as they have for decades.  The design ideas of the architects are wonderful and hopefully the final results will turn out as they had imagined. We lay our trust in them to lay plans that our descendants will appreciate. 

    It is sad to see the windows all out, but the new replacements will create a memory for the future.  Several months ago when I heard of the plan an idea came to me.  I shared that dream with a couple of folks at the museum office.  Would we be able to save some of the window panes and re-sell them through the museum store?  I'm sure there are many Delta employees and retirees that would jump on the opportunity to hold on to a part of the hangar history by purchasing a window pane.  There are thousands of window panes....times $10-$20 each would be a grand profit for the museum. Any response to this suggestion is appreciated.

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