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The Influence of a Positive Experience

Nov 15, 2022

Today I’d like to share a nice story that came across my desk. A few years back, a guest named Justin Haase from Kasson, MN visited the Delta Flight Museum to do our simulator experience. He had a great time and his instructor, Chick Smith, was so impressed with his flying that he asked if he was a pilot. No, he wasn’t…at least not yet.

Justin Haase with Chick Smith

However, about two months ago, Justin completed his private pilot check ride and is now indeed a pilot. 

Justin Haase passing his private pilot check ride

Justin reached out to the Museum to track down Chick and let him know that he completed his private pilot journey, and part of the reason he started was due to Chick’s encouragement. While Chick has retired from the Museum, we passed along the incredible compliment and Chick was excited and appreciative to learn of Justin’s accomplishment.

These types of stories are always so nice to hear. (After all, who wouldn’t like hearing how you touched someone’s life for the better?) Congratulations, Justin! We hope to have you back soon.

Tiffany Meng
Director – Operations

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  1. Sheila Pankratz | Nov 16, 2022
    I am so proud of my son Justin who has accomplished so much in his life through hard work, perseverance, and talent. Besides Chick inspiring him, he has the memories of his Grandpa O. and Grandma E. who both had Pilot's Licenses in the 1950's. Grandpa O. even owned a small Piper airplane, but that was sold when the newlyweds started their family!

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