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Donation Spotlight: Vernys "Charlie" Brown-Phillips

Jun 30, 2022

Vernys Brown

Former Delta Stewardess Vernys Brown began her career in April of 1960 but stopped flying in 1963 upon being married. She only flew for a few years but left a long lasting aviation legacy. 

V. Brown Certificate

Vernys Brown ribbon cutting

Ms. Brown was hired by Delta out of St. Louis and stationed in Houston, Texas. In the photo above she's seen in the center commemorating the Convair 880 flight between Chicago and Houston that, at the time, was the world's fastest flight between the cities in just over two hours. Below is an alternate take from the same shoot. Vernys is front right in the photo. 

Vernys Brown ribbon cutting 2

During the pandemic Vernys, with the help of her family, donated some of her former uniforms to be preserved in the DFM Collections including the summer uniform seen in the photos above and the one below. This uniform was worn by Delta Stewardesses from 1954 to 1965.

V. Brown Uniform

Another highlight of her donation is the winter 1959 uniform designed by former Paramount Pictures Studios lead designer Edith Head seen below. 

V. Brown Uniform 2

We were fortunate enough to have Vernys visit the museum last month to see some of her donations on display in our current Eight Decades of Delta Uniforms exhibit. 

Vernys Brown Visit 5


All photos and uniforms are gift of Vernys Brown-Phillips. We want to thank Vernys for the wonderful donation and the entire Brown and Venables families for their generosity. We hope you can visit again soon!!

You can see more of the items from her donation and much more at our online collections site!

Austin Coleman


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  1. Jim Daigneau | Aug 03, 2022
    What a great addition to the collection!  I think many of the uniforms from the 40scand 50s were very classy.

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