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New Augmented Reality App at the Delta Flight Museum

Jan 10, 2022


We are excited to announce that visitors to the Delta Flight Museum are now able to add another layer to their experience with our new Augmented Reality (AR) app that can be found in both Apple's App Store and Google Play. The experiences currently relate to three of our iconic aircraft: Ship 41, our DC-3, Ship 717, our DC-7B, and The Spirit of Delta, our B767.

While the apps are intended to be used by visitors in the museum, we've created this blog post as a way to use the app anywhere. In order to take advantage you will need a smart phone to download the app and another device to view and scan the following AR triggers from your smart phone. (You can also print out the triggers to use with your smart phone) 

1) To use the AR app, first download the app for free on your phone. 

Apple iPhone Users can search the app store for Delta Flight Museum or use their camera to scan this QR code:

DFM AR App Store QR Code

Android Users can search Google Play for Delta Flight Museum or use their QR reader to scan this QR code:


2) Using the App

Once the app is downloaded and opened, you can begin to activate the triggers below for each experience. Keep scrolling to find seven of the experiences (they are spaced out here to allow the app to focus on one trigger at a time). These triggers must be activated within the Delta Flight Museum app, using your phone's camera or QR reader will not open the experience.

Delta Flight Museum Augmented Reality Experiences

DC-7B Take-Off











DC-7B Historic Interior











DC-3 Pilot










DC-3 Mechanic











DC-3 Stewardess











DC-3 Passenger











Spirit of Delta Liveries


We hope you have fun exploring this new content. Of course all of these experiences will be even better with the actual aircraft in front of you at the Delta Flight Museum. Come and visit soon and by the time you get here we may have more AR experiences for you and your family to enjoy!


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    unfortunately not compatible with android 13
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