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New Exhibition: Eight Decades of Fashion in the Skies

Dec 16, 2021


1943-1946 Summer Uniform 

In March 1940, Delta’s first stewardesses began to serve on 14-passenger DC-2 aircraft. Not only did Delta require these young women to be nurses and to go through training on food and customer service, but they were also required to purchase a winter and summer uniform. 


1950s uniforms getting ready for display

Since 1940, employee uniforms have become more than just clothing, they are also a way for Delta to display its brand to travelers. In the early decades, uniforms might change seasonally, but maintained a very professional and even military look. By the 1960s, stewardesses wore uniforms inspired by the latest fashion styles and technicolor hues. In the 1970s, flight attendants could pick and choose wardrobe pieces to put together outfits that fit their own personality and comfort.


Edith Head-designed Jet Age uniform from 1959.


1973-1975 Flight Attendant uniforms

The last decades of the 20th century were a return to conservative fashion as designers provided options for Delta flight attendants that would not be out of place in office buildings or boardrooms. Today’s Zak Posen-designed uniforms let flight attendants stand out as they move through busy airports.

This exhibition is on view in the Spirit of Delta at the Delta Flight Museum until December 2022. Learn more about Delta uniforms here.

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  1. Martha B. Higgins | Feb 08, 2024

    The 1973-1975 uniform apron was my favorite and I still have it!  It was such a pretty and practical design which didn't show stains.


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