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C. E. Woolman gets a facelift

Oct 25, 2013

This oversized portrait bust of Delta's first CEO C. E. Woolman is one of many items you will see on display after our renovations. Jorge Sendra, a Delta Los Angeles ticket sales agent, created this sculpture and presented it to CEO Dave Garrett and Chairman Tom Beebe in honor of Delta's 50th anniversary of passenger service in 1979.

While preparing for new exhibits, staff found damage to the bust, which is made of terra cotta.

We sought the help of local objects conservator, Katherine Singley of Conservation Anthropologica. The goal of this treatment was to mend the damage and stabilize the sculpture for exhibition.

A different sort of jigsaw puzzle!

Dyed paper pulp for filling in losses.

Dyed Pulp

Consolidating the fragments and infill material.

Portrait Repair Fill

Mr. Woolman is now ready for his debut! 

Tina Seetoo

Archives Associate

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