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Construction update

Nov 01, 2013

Our renovation project is moving along! The windows in the Hangar 2 doors have been removed, the rust spots on the doors have been addressed, and the exterior of hangar has been primed and is being painted a light grey.

Inside the hangar, support pillars for the new mezzanine are starting to go up.

And, the new restroom floors have been laid. 

(Did you see the photo of this area all torn up?) 

While work has been primarily focused on Hangar 2, Hangar 1 is about to get some attention. Starting next week, Hangar 1 will become a "hard hat" area, too. We will have both hangars closed, but the Museum Office and Store will remain open. For directions to these areas, click here.

Tiffany Meng

Museum Director


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  1. Branton Dorsey | Nov 20, 2013
    Is any part of the Museum going to be preserved in its current state? … Some small area where what I assume are the original windows with original Glass from 1940’s or brick walls that were apparently painted gray and now peeling away?  
  2. Damian Atchison | Nov 20, 2013
    Will the Delta Widget be permanently covered up above Hangar 1 doors? 
  3. Carole | Nov 06, 2013
    A real shame that our "MUSEUM" re-do did not PRESERVE our Delta Heritage by leaving in place the Hangar "Widget Window" ---crafted so ingeniously by our original Hangar builders. Does not seem appropriate for a "MUSEUM" that supposedly preserves HISTORICALLY SIGNIFICANT icons of our company to TEAR DOWN an original handcrafted and historic architechtural detail !! Whose decision was that?! I mistakenly thought our decision-makers valued our DELTA historic hangar!!! They just wanted NEW!

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