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ACS & Cargo Folks! Donate Your Uniforms

Nov 26, 2013

Did you work for Delta Airport Customer Service or Cargo operations in the 1950s and 1960s? Or know someone who did? If so, we'd love your help representing ACS and Cargo in our uniform collections.

We had a great time at Delta's ACS/Cargo vintage fashion show earlier this year. Uniforms (left-right): 2001, late '70s peach & camel versions, 1940s-50s ramp/cargo & agent, 1973 "electric blue jacket with racing stripes," 1973 dress, 1970s Red Coat, 1983 navy blue suit, 1960s ramp/cargo gray.

While pulling pieces for the show, we identified some missing uniforms that we would love to locate. Hope you can help!

This late 1960s agent dress and jacket came in red and blue:

This blue mid-1960s agent uniform (both male and female versions):

Actually, we are looking for all the different variations of navy blue suits that agents wore from the 1940s through the 1960s. 

Also, 1950s Cargo and below-wing ACS uniforms like this:

If you still have your uniform tucked away in that closet, attic or basement--or know someone who does--we would love to offer it a home. 

We use uniforms for exhibits, vintage fashion shows (only duplicate pieces worn) and research. If you can help us represent Delta ACS & Cargo at the Delta Flight Museum, please contact the Archives

Thank you!

Marie Force

Archives Manager


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  1. Darcy | Apr 16, 2023
    Are you interested in a Republic Airline Captain uniform/hat from the 80's or maybe suggest where to donate.
  2. austin.coleman | Jun 14, 2018

    Hi Ginny, 

    My name is Austin Coleman and I'm the Registrar here at the Delta Flight Museum. We would love to see the uniforms you plan to donate. You can contact me at and we can move forward form there. Thank you!

    - Austin 

  3. Ginny | Jun 09, 2018
    i have several uniforms that i wouldlike to donate  where soulf i send thrm
  4. Barb Sherrard | Feb 22, 2014

    Just wondering if there is a place in the museum for articles from acquired carriers. As a retired employee I began my career with North Central Airlines- became Republic Airlines- then Northwest Airlines. There are many of us that have articles we would love to see preserved and displayed. Please advise if you will be incorporating any of this into museum and need contributions!


    Barb Sherrard

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