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Construction update

Feb 21, 2014

The construction highlight this week was moving our Lockheed L-1011 fuselage up onto the new mezzanine. If you recall, the front fuselage of prototype L-1011 was used as our Museum Store from June 2002 until last October. Click here for more info.

2-19-14 Judy Bean with cockpit

Museum Store Manager Judy Bean stands with the L-1011 cockpit and one half of the fuselage. 

With our renovations, the Museum Store has moved out of the fuselage and will be in a larger part of the Museum. The plane will be turned into event space on the mezzanine in Hangar 2.

First, the plane had to be taken apart. It was assembled in three pieces – the cockpit and two long sides. Then the plane was lifted onto the mezzanine!

2-19-14 L1011, view 1

Getting the pieces ready…

2-19-14 L1011, view 2

“Yeah, it’ll work.”

2-19-14 L1011, view 3

We got this.

2-19-14 L1011, view 4

So far, so good.

2-19-14 L1011, view 5

Up with the last section.

2-19-14 L1011, view 6


Tiffany Meng

Museum Director





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  1. Lt Col Larry K. Nelson | Jun 04, 2015

    I am currently rebuilding a real Lockheed L-1011 simulator made by Atkins & Merrill in the 1970's.  Would you be able to send me a few photos of the cockpit?  I am mostly interested in the side panels and the aft wall assembly.  There doesn't seem to any photos on the internet of those areas of the cockpit.  I am having to do some fabrication of missing parts.  This project is for the SC Wing of the Civil Air Patrol.  I plan to take it to air shows and other events to promoted aerospace education.  It is on a large trailer for transportation.  Thanks for any help you can give me as I am the wing's aerospace education officer and the wing historian also.  You may send any photos to me via email.  Thanks.

    Lt Col Larry K. Nelson

  2. William Cannington | Mar 04, 2014
    Dear Tiffany , I was thinking of a really cool addition to the museum .In the 1961 terminal that was giant bird sculture that hung from the ceiling and all the passengers passed under it to board their flights . It was a Phoenix the symbol of Atlanta rising from the ashes . I have often heard it is in storage somewhere in Atlanta . What a landmark for the city of Atlanta and the aviation history of the Airport . Maybe we could get the city to donate it and hang it in the museum . What a symbol of Atlanta.
  3. Alex Kay | Mar 03, 2014

    Truly appreciate what you do, Guys! Thank you for the detailed updates. It tells us about the unbelievable size of changes you make. Can't wait for the opening! 

    Would be nice to see "Estimated Opening Date" on the website. I would expect it to be around June 17th – Delta's 85th Anniversary?  

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