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Construction update

Mar 21, 2014

Well, we’re down to just a couple of months.  So much to do, so little time!  We’re moving full speed ahead at this point.  This week a new jet bridge was installed up to The Spirit of Delta, one of Delta’s Boeing 737-200 full-motion simulators was brought over, and a huge chunk of wall was cut out of Hangar 2 to make room for the Store.

Our new jet bridge was installed to connect The Spirit of Delta to the mezzanine.  The bridge, donated by Aero Systems Engineering and Aero BridgeWorks, is a style frequently used in Europe, with glass sides to improve visibility to Spirit. 

3-18-14 Jetbridge lifted up

3-19-14 Jet bridge

3-19-14 Jet bridge closeup

The Boeing 737-200 full-motion simulator made its way over to the Museum from Delta’s Operations Control Center Building 3.  This simulator was used by Delta to train pilots from 1999 until earlier this year.  It came over in parts and is now being reassembled.

3-17-14 Sim on truck

3-18-14 Sim

3-20-14 Sim parts

And, a large section of the northeast wall of Historic Hangar 2 was knocked out to make room for a wall of windows into our new Museum Store.

3-5-14 Knocking out H2 store wall

3-20-14 H2 Store wall

Stay tuned – there’s more to come!

Tiffany Meng

Museum Director


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  1. John Meyers | Apr 15, 2014
    Can not wait to see the museum open. I loved it the one time I was able to go when Delta merged with Norhtwest. I know it will be outstanding!
  2. A.B. | Apr 07, 2014
    When is the cut-off for purchasing a personalized brick?  Also, if two bricks are purchased, is it possible to have them placed together?
  3. Ruth Ann Shannon | Apr 07, 2014

    I am so excited about the renovation of the museum! I grew up in College Park in the 50's. My neighborhood was located where the current airport stands today. As a Delta retiree and native Georgian it is so exciting to see the heritage / history of Delta here to be enjoyed by all. Thank you for the updates.


    Ruth Ann Shannon

  4. Justin Edwards | Mar 22, 2014

    So very excited for the grand opening.   I can't wait to fly my wife and kids down from MSP and share with them the pride of Delta Air Lines this museum exhibits. 

  5. David Wood | Mar 22, 2014

    The museum renovations look great!  I am planning a family reunion in Atlanta for July 14-15.  Do you think the museum will be open by then?

    Thank you,

    Dave Wood

    JFK 767 First Officer

  6. Mike | Mar 22, 2014

    You should keep the bricks you took out of the wall and sell them.  I think it would be neat to have a piece of the historic hangar. 


  7. Doug Mammaro | Mar 21, 2014

    Very nice & wish I was able to visit before remodel but as soon as able to travel to ATL I'll be visiting the museum & hope buy something from the gift shop as well.  Looking good Delta Museum & thank you for the updates : ) 

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