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Planes, trains and automobiles? No, just planes, planes and more planes! - Part 2

Apr 08, 2014

As time passed and different career paths at Delta came into play, I found myself in SLC at the new Reservations Sales Office and then InFlight Service.  The latter opened up a new world of sights and sounds and access to even more types of Delta memorabilia from stations all over the world.  The collection was growing.

Perrys Models

Technology changed. Computers and the internet opened up yet another way to look for treasures and I soon found myself on eBay way too much. Overnight there was access to so many things I never thought I’d see, find or even knew existed.  Waiting for the mail was something to look forward to.  

Word got out about this passion that I’ve had and before long, coworkers were donating collectibles to me at work, items left in my company mailbox, left on my front porch and even my driveway.  Not to mention there were the Hangar Sales in ATL to shop at!

Perrys Collection

Thirty years later, what started out as something so small, has become a full-time hobby and the collection has grown to become the ‘Fly The Widget’ museum taking over my entire basement...

Check back here on Friday for part 3!

Wheels Up!

Perry de Vlugt
InFlight Service, SLC


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  1. Reginald Blakney | Jul 21, 2014
    I have not heard from you if my brick has been installed or not, so I am checking the status.
  2. Judy Charles | Apr 08, 2014

    Just amazing:):) I love you collection:)


  3. Joni | Apr 08, 2014
    Looking forward to part 3, and to one day seeing Perry's collection in person! 

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