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Planes, trains and automobiles? No, just planes, planes and more planes! - Part 3

Apr 11, 2014

When asked what is my most coveted item in the collection?  I have to say my pair of First Class International L1011-500 seats.  The electronics were reworked so that they can be plugged in and fully functional and flat…for that era.   They came out of ship 764 which was one of several -500s we picked up from Air Canada in the 90s.  I have seating for 8 non revs downstairs-  6 can sit ‘up front’ and two will have to sit ‘in the back’-  so you better burn an S2 if you come by for a visit!

Perry and Greg
Museum Events Manager Greg Romanoski (r) visits Perry in SLC

My latest piece of memorabilia however, is something that won’t be displayed in my basement. Instead, it will be showcased in ATL at the Delta Flight Museum’s new courtyard.  Yes, I got the brick- and so should you!  Become a part of Delta’s history and permanent piece of the renovated Delta Flight Museum. This is going to be one amazing place to look back at our company’s history- past, present and future.  Visit and donate for your custom brick.

What’s next?  Hard to say- I’m running out of room, but there’s always a way to fit something new into the collection.   

Thanks for stopping by the Fly The Widget Museum-

Wheels Up!

Perry de Vlugt 

InFlight Service, SLC

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  1. henry | Aug 30, 2019
    Ive always loved the airlines and the various aircraft. What a wonderful collection keep adding to it. Thanks for brightening my evening .  

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