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Construction update

May 14, 2014

To say it has been a crazy past few weeks here at the Museum would be a huge understatement! We are working very long hours to do the best we can to get ready for this Saturday’s Delta Block Party, a company picnic for Delta employees, retirees, and their families. This preview will show our work in progress. 

Enjoy this glimpse of how our week is taking shape:

Brick courtyard

The brick courtyard is in place. We're working on a locator kiosk to help people find their bricks. (If you haven't bought yours yet, click here.)

Hangar 1

The prop planes are in Hangar 1, ready to be put into place.

Hangar 1 install

Before the planes can be moved around, we need to finish other construction.

Installing exhibits

Exhibit cases are starting to arrive and get installed.

DC-9 tail

Our DC-9 tail is being installed in Hangar 2.

CV880 and Store

The Convair 880 cockpit is back from Underground Atlanta and the former JFK Terminal 3 letters are in place above our new Museum Store.

Museum Store

The Museum Store cabinets are being installed. Our new Store is 2x larger than before.

Although work is not complete yet, it will be by the public reopening on June 17th, Delta’s 85th anniversary of passenger travel. We look forward to having you visit this summer.

Tiffany Meng

Museum Director



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  1. Nell Hendricks | Jul 26, 2014

    We visited the museum several months ago with a grandson and loved it.  We were able to go into one of the original Delta planes (wearing special booties and gloves)  and had told our other grandchildren how much they would enjoy seeing it when they came for a visit a few days ago.  It was such a disappointment!  We couldn't go into the plane, and we waited a long time to go into the flight simulator only to find out it was reserved for groups and cost more than $400 an hour.  There were no signs to indicate the cost or the purpose of the simulator.  The entire visit will not be repeated by any of us again.

  2. Joe Newsome | Jul 02, 2014
    Love the Delta Museum.  Heads up, Graceland may force the CV-880 to be moved off property.  There may only be 2 left and this is one.  It was an old Delta aircraft and would make a fantastic airplane in the museum.  Worth trying to get before the scrapman gets it.  Would look great in the 1960 all white paint job.
  3. Mike Paull | Jun 17, 2014

    Will the museum have any memorials or tributes to those who passed away due to Delta accidents where people lost their lives?

    i think it would be a nice touch for those survivors. Maybe a brick with there name on it.

    Thanks for your consideration,


  4. Sue Burnett | Jun 17, 2014

    Ms. Meng,


    I wanted to know if there were any employment opportunities at the Delta Museum.


    Thank you in advance for your time!

    Sue Burnett

  5. Maria Alexander | Jun 16, 2014

    Any hopes of bringing the L1011 Tri-Star to the museum?  My very first flight was in 1976 Atl - San Diego!  :)


  6. Fletcher Holt | Jun 06, 2014

    To all who visit the new Delta Flight Museum, I would like to invite you to view a very special aircraft that is near and dear to my heart....Ship #41, the first DC-3 to carry Delta passengers.  I smile whenever I see it because it was this aircraft on which my father, John J. Holt, was working as a junior mechanic on June 02, 1955 when he got the news that my birth was imminent.  He had begun his career with Delta just two months earlier and he was so very grateful and proud to be "working for Mr. Woolman", as he often said.  

    My dad retired in 1991 after 36 years with Delta and in the summer of 2005,  a group of Tech Ops (aka "Jet Base") retirees held a reunion at the old Museum.  In my heart, I felt this would be a farewell from my dad to many of his dearest friends and beloved old Ship #41.  He was not feeling well on the day of the event, but with the help of a wheelchair and our assistance, he insisted on attending. Dad died a couple of weeks after that special day.  It was a closure befitting his life-long career with Delta; on the same aircraft, in the same hangar, and with many members of his Delta family.  It meant so much to him to see his old friends and reminisce. I know that he would have been excited to see the new Delta Flight Museum.

    As you tour the museum and recap the rich history of the world's best airline, know that what has always made Delta stand head and shoulders above its's the people of Delta. With its roots deeply nourished by Southern hospitality, and with the inspiration of its founder, C.E. Woolman, it gained a reputation of treating employees like family and customers as honored guests. In turn, this instilled great pride from employees and unwavering loyalty from customers. 

    Congratulations to Delta on preserving its rich history with the opening of the new Delta Flight Museum.  On a more personal note, I thank you for the many years of financial security and benefits for our family and for the care that Delta continues to give my mother.  Keep Climbing, Delta.      --Fletcher Holt   for the John Holt family

  7. Tandan | Jun 04, 2014

    Nice.  I can't wait to pay a visit.  Can you also publish on the website any restrictions against photography including tripods?


  8. Stefano Gonzales | Jun 02, 2014

    What Days will the 767 be open to see the iterior

  9. roger eves | May 23, 2014

    Hi folks in Atlanta,  What a fantastic job you are all adds to the great image of Delta. My next visit to the USA will include a visit to the museum. The  best wishes to all at Delta from Spains biggest Delta fan. Regards Roger

  10. Mike Law | May 15, 2014
    Dear Delta Flight Museum,

    I am really pleased with everything y'all are doing for the museum. I came across the newest update and it is awesome that y'all installed the lettering from JFK Terminal 3.

    I was wondering, if y'all have a way (probably not) to install the Delta logo as well.
    I took a pic at JFK T3 before the rebranding (see
    pic). I think it will make the Delta brand even
    better! :))

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