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Delta Stories: Stella Ors

Nov 21, 2014

Stella Ors joined Delta in 1945 in Miami, and knew Delta's principal founder, C.E. Woolman. She is a great example of Mr. Woolman's legacy of "customer service from heart." Here is her story in the words of her niece, Gina Ors.

Stella Ors was born November 22,1913, in Cuba. She migrated to New York, moved to Miami, then settled in Atlanta, which she would call home for the next 60 years of her life.

She started working for Delta in 1945 as an airport agent in Miami, and was on Delta's first flight from Miami to Chicago. When the plane landed in Chicago her photograph was taken. 

Stella has the greatest stories! When she worked in Miami, there was a teenager running barefoot down the airport concourse, and Stella had to tell her to put her shoes on. Upon approaching the teen, to her surprise, it was Elizabeth Taylor - she was 17 at the time. Stella says she had the most stunning, beautiful violet eyes, and she politely responded, “Yes ma'am, I will put my shoes on. I was in a hurry."

Stella is celebrating her 101 birthday on November 22, 2014. On her 100th birthday, the College Park Fire Department picked Stella up and took her for a ride through the city as she waved with all the bells sirens and horns were going off. She had the time of her life! They stopped traffic and she was a celebrity that day.

Here we are visiting the newly renovated Delta Flight Museum this summer.

I’m very proud of my Aunt Stella. She retired from Delta in 1978, after 38 years. She would be honored to let her story be known. 

Gina Ors

Niece of Stella Ors


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  1. Deborah Gangi | Feb 20, 2016

    It was wonderful reading stories of my dear Aunt Stella. We love and miss you dearly.

  2. AirlineGuys | Mar 16, 2015

    Had the pleasure of meeting Stella at the Museum. Lovely and lively lady! 101! Wow! Both Stella and Gina live in my neighborhood. It's a pleasure seeing Gina and getting updates about Stella. Happy birthday Stella!

  3. Herbie Ryland | Nov 23, 2014
    A great story; Having known and met Mr. Woolman several times in Monroe, I know he would love and appreciate Stella's story and her love for DELTA>
  4. matt troy | Nov 22, 2014

    all the best for a very happy....liz did have the most brilliant eyes......

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