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Our Objectives Are Clear: Serving in the Persian Gulf War

Apr 09, 2016

In conjunction with our special exhibition "Our Objectives are Clear: 25 Years after the Persian Gulf War" on view at the Delta Flight Museum through August 2016, we are encouraging all those connected to Delta who served in that conflict to submit images and stories about their experience. This submission came from a current Delta pilot.

"My name is Captain Bob Watson. I am currently based in ATL and flying the 777. During the 1st Gulf War I was based in DFW as a MD-88 copilot. 

My Navy reserve squadron VR-59 (based at NAS Dallas) was mobilized to transport cargo and personnel for the war effort and were assigned to Bitburg AFB in Germany. The attached photo is the a picture on the ramp in Bittburg in front of one of our Navy C-9B Skytrain aircraft. All 5 Delta pilots in the photo where in VR-59 at the time."

Russ Combs, Pedro Santiago, Dean Baker, Bob Watson, Al Shunneson

Thank you Captain Watson for sharing these images and this story about your service. 

We look forward to sharing more from those who served in Operation Desert Shield / Desert Storm. If you would like to submit please email 

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  1. Mark Watson | Nov 18, 2016

    VR-59 was a great squadron with great personnel who did what was asked of us in a very short amount of time, everybody stood the line.

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