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New Temporary Exhibition: Onward & Upward

May 03, 2017

On May 3, 2017 it will be 10 years since Delta Air Lines emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy and was re-listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Our new exhibition presents artifacts and documents from that period that highlight the transformation of the airline. In 2005, when Delta declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy, it was not certain that the airline would recover or that it would do so quickly. 

After the attacks on September 11, 2001, which caused many to rethink how often they traveled by air, and years of soaring fuel costs, most U.S. airlines began to struggle to stay in the black and make a profit. In September 2005, Delta announced its filing for Chapter 11, which would protect it from creditors as it cut costs and reorganized into a profit-generating company once again.

Through the reorganization process leaders worked with major creditors and employee groups to define what would make Delta into an industry leader in the 21st century.  

“There is a renewed spirit at Delta that starts with our employees’ commitment to outstanding customer service. That energy permeates the company as we remain focused on executing a solid business plan that we expect will deliver great value for all of our stakeholders, including customers, employees, business partners and, of course, our new shareholders,” – Ed Bastian, Delta Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer in 2007; became Chief Executive Officer in 2016.  

Alongside the artifacts, visitors can watch a selection of news coverage from the days surrounding Delta's emergence and re-listing on the New York Stock Exchange. Also included is Delta's first television advertisement announcing its comeback:

The exhibition will be installed through September 2017. 


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