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Getting Artsy in the Archives!

Nov 30, 2017

In other posts we have covered objects such as model airplanes, tugs, and aircraft testing equipment, but it is about time we showcase some of the finer things we collect here at the Delta Flight Museum. Dust off your old jazz records and break out the wine and cheese because we're about to get artsy! 

Art has been used as a method for marketing brand and destinations to passengers for some time. In the 1950s and 60s travel posters showed popular travel spots and were designed to pop with color to attract the consumers eye. 


Left to Right: Delta New York Travel Poster by Bill Slattery, 1957; Southern​ Airways Denver Travel Poster by McDonald & Little, 1977; Northeast Airlines Florida Travel Poster by C. Robert Perrin, 1960s; Western Airlines Pacific Northwest Travel Poster ca. 1959.

Many artworks were commissioned by airlines and done originally on canvas by the artist, and then reproduced as travel posters for display at airports and travel agencies. Our collection of Jack Laycox oil paintings are a perfect example. Some of his paintings were featured on other promotional items such as playing cards, but each began as a true work of art. 


Left to Right: Chicago, 1974; Puerto Rico, 1976; Central Florida, 1976. Each is from a set of oil paintings by artist Jack Laycox, commissioned by Delta Air Lines. 

Sculpture is a medium we collect that helps put the history of Delta and the Delta family into a cultural perspective. 


This totem carving was presented to Western Airlines by members of the Chilkoot tribe for their commitment to Alaska when Pacific Northern Airlines merged with Western in 1967.      


As you know, Delta employees are passionate about their company. Many sculptures and folk art pieces represent that passion and the employee culture surrounding Delta. This portrait bust sculpture of C.E. Woolman was done by former Delta employee Jorge Sendra for Delta's 50th anniversary of passenger service, and this fun Pawberry Punch airplane sculpture was made by former Delta flight attendant Paige Becquet. Both embody the Delta spirit! 

Although we don't house paintings by Van Gogh or sculptures by Michelangelo,  the artworks we do have are priceless to Delta's history and culture!

Austin Coleman

Archives Assistant

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