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New Delta Uniforms on Display

Jan 18, 2019


Delta Men's Red Coat Uniform, 2018 

The Delta Flight Museum has transformed the Spirit of Delta's display cases to highlight a collection of new Delta employee uniforms. Included with the above-wing Zac Posen designed uniforms are uniforms for below-wing employees designed by a team at Land's End. 


Delta below-wing uniform collection, 2018


Delta In-Flight uniform collection, 2018

The iconic Passport Plum color is featured as are several other new colors that are part of Delta's ultra modern color palette. The new colors were selected to help Delta employees stand out in airports around the world. Posen and his team shared many thousands of miles of job shadowing before creating the look. Then months of wear testing provided final changes to the uniforms that were to be worn by 60,000 employees.  

Posen's desire was to design a uniform that would showcase Delta employees as the strength of a leading global airline. One of the most intriguing design features is Posen's continued use of Delta's widget throughout the collection including as light reflectors embedded in the below wing safety gear.


Zac Posen designed ready-to-wear evening gown, 2018

Where did the historic uniforms go? We continue to keep several historic uniforms on display in the Spirit of Delta, but we did move some of our most rare uniforms into our climate controlled archives where they can rest from the light for a few months. Don't worry they will be back on display again. In the meantime you can also view them on our online collections database.  

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