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Donation Spotlight: Erle Wright Phillips

Aug 06, 2020


Photo of Erle Wright Phillips U.S. Army 4th Division Combat Engineering Battalion, ca. 1951

Erle Wright Phillips was originally from a farming community called Monrovia just outside of Huntsville, Alabama. During the Korean War he was stationed in Stuttgart, Germany with the U.S. Army 4th Division Combat Engineering Battalion from early 1951 until the fall of 1952. While abroad he was chosen to tour Europe playing baseball for the Army. Delta was fortunate enough to be a part of his journey home. 


Delta Air Lines ticket used by Erle Wright Phillips, October 31, 1952

After returning stateside to an Army base in South Carolina, Erle Wright flew Delta from Columbia, South Carolina, to Chattanooga, Tennessee, via Greenville, South Caroline. From there he was able to take a train to Huntsville to complete his journey home.

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Delta Air Lines ticket jacket used by Erle Wright Phillips, October 31, 1952

Following the war, Phillips attended Auburn University where he studied Agriculture. In 1954 he returned home to the farm in Monrovia. He married the same year and later had two children. He coached many little league baseball teams and the local sports complex was named in his honor following his death in 1993.


Photo of Erle Wright Phillips U.S. Army 4th Division Combat Engineering Battalion, ca. 1952

Each object has a story. This Delta ticket and ticket jacket tells one of a soldier's return home from War. Thank you for your service, Mr. Phillips.


Photo of Angie Barron, daughter of Erle Wright Phillips, Delta ACS Huntsville, Alabama, 2020.

Many thanks to Phillips' daughter and current Delta ACS agent, Angie Barron, who donated the ticket and ticket jacket to the Delta Flight Museum. We appreciate your generous gift as it helps preserve both your father's and Delta's history. 

Thank you so much for the donation!


Austin Coleman




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  1. C.J. Reinhart | Aug 25, 2020

    my father, Pete Reinhart,  started C&S as Pacific Seaboard Airlines in 1930's (i have the photos) .  moved it to Mississippi i think, then he went to work for Delta in 1935 as their 5th pilot..nick name of "Cinco".

    He retired in 1962 flying CV-880s.

  2. C. J. Reinhart | Aug 19, 2020
    my father RB "Pete" Reinhart flew ship 41.  it's in his log books.  he retired from Delta in 1962 flying Convair 880's.  he was Delta's 5th pilot.  nickname of "Cinco".  also "Captain Pete".

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