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New Spotlight on Delta Spirit: Alice Ramsey

Oct 30, 2020


Alice Ramsey

The Spirit of Delta got a little pinker today, when we installed a Zac Posen pink flight attendant uniform. Not just any pink uniform, though, this was the last pink dress worn by Alice Ramsey, who in 2007 became the first Delta flight attendant to wear pink in October for breast cancer awareness. (Alice retired from Delta in the summer of 2020).


Alice Ramsey, who started her Delta career in 1986, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. During her months of treatment and recuperation, Delta adopted new uniforms. Staring at a Richard Tyler red dress, she wondered whether she could make a similar dress out of pink material and use it on flights in October. Her seamstress constructed a prototype and in October 2007 Ramsey began to wear the dress and raise funds for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


The following spring, Ramsey met with then Delta CEO Richard Anderson and suggested that other flight attendants could wear the pink uniform in October to create awareness and raise funds. Anderson agreed and an annual tradition began that now includes not only pink dresses, but also pink ties for men and pink lemonade.


"I want to be an example that we learn how to survive from our pain and that out of survival we find victory. Out of victory we learn how to best serve others by teaching them to overcome of life's hardest battles." -Alice Ramsey



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  1. Katie McDonnell | Oct 23, 2021

    Thank you so much Alice for being 

    an inspiration to all of us.  My mother

    is a survivor of breast cancer and she told 

    me to tell you thank you too!💕💕 You

    are an angel and a blessing to all of us.

  2. Lori Anderson | Oct 05, 2021
    Alice is an amazing lady! She is an inspiration, a trend setter, a mentor, a true friend and a Survivor!! She is a smiling face and a warm hug filled with humor and laughter and is truly a role model for all of us surviors! Alice, I love you to the moon and back! Thank you! 
  3. Jane MitchellReimers | Mar 20, 2021

    It’s about time!! So proud to call you my friend.

    I am even happier your wings are on it!


  4. Barbara Becker | Nov 29, 2020
    Wow, What a wonderful honor for you, and well deserved. You are an amazing lady, you have    given so much of your time an energy to a cause that is near and dear to you , as well as so     many others. I am proud that i have had the opportunity to fly and work with you  and especially call you  my Friend.
  5. Mrs. Linda J. Seeley | Nov 16, 2020
    Wow.   What a lady. What an inspiration!  I would like to tell everyone that when I found out I had breast cancer, Alice was the first person I called.  She managed to switch flight assignments so you could meet me in California and bring me lots of pink joy!  I spent the day laughing with her as I donned pink tiaras and pink boas.  She helped me through a rough time, with her amazing spirit and positive outlook.   I wish I could be more like her.  When my husband and I were celebrating 40 years of marriage with a church service and party.....Alice flew in again and made the day so special, she is one in a million.   Like so many of you,  I am very proud to call her my friend.
  6. Jeffrey K. Smith | Nov 14, 2020

    Alice Ramsey!  It was an honor for me to

    meet and greet with you in NYC at the

    Waldorf with the BCRF Benefit!!!  We had a

    great celebration with ❤️ Delta FAs!

  7. Marsha West | Nov 11, 2020
    It was such a joy and honor to know and fly with Alice Ramsey!   She made every trip fun.    Everyone loved her!  Especially during the month of October, when she would deck us all out in the finest (and funniest!) array of breast cancer memorabilia.  I am only sad that our careers were cut short by the pandemic.  I will miss her so much.  
  8. Lisa Feagan Hunt | Nov 09, 2020

    It was an honor to wear my Pink dress in support for those who have and are currently battling breast cancer.  I lost both of my grandmothers to the disease. Alice, you have helped so many and I'm proud to call you my friend.


  9. Jennie Williams | Nov 07, 2020
    This is such a wonderful tribute and so very well deserved! Alice, thank you for being a light and for blessing so many with your sweet spirit of generosity and grace. I love that you and your fabulous pink dress will always be a part of Delta. I know everyone who sees it will be inspired by your story and will remember what a gift it is to serve others with love and compassion. Thank you for ALL that you do! I cannot wait to see the exhibit! Congratulations, dear friend!!
  10. Nancy Roy | Nov 06, 2020
    Love this tribute to Alice. Tireless worker for breast cancer cure and survivor. Absolutely deserves this tribute.  She is a dear friend and supporter. Thanks Delta. 
  11. Madge Graham | Nov 05, 2020
    Alice, youve helped so many peoplewith the Pink Posse as well as raised awareness everywhere. You are a tribute to so many❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰
  12. Madge graham | Nov 05, 2020
    alice youve done so much!  Thank you!!!
  13. Helen Hosti | Nov 05, 2020

    My dear Alice! What an honor for such an honorable and supportive woman. What you have done for Breast Cancer and survivors like myself is immeasurable. You supported many of us financially through the Pink Posse Foundation, but it was the emotional support to those of us diagnosed with this daunting disease that was priceless. You spoke for all of us with your design of the Pink Dress for Delta and you spoke volumes. You worked tirelessly with Delta during the month of October collecting financial donations for Brest Cancer Research. You wore that Dress proudly and we wear our scars proudly because of you. We are your team, your family and we will always love you unconditionally for how important you made us feel. 🥰

  14. Norma Ramey | Nov 05, 2020
    Alice is one of a kind! Always encouraging others. Our entire family loves her.
  15. Lynn Hopper | Nov 04, 2020

    My dear cousin, what a beautiful tribute to you andall you have done for the cause.  Thank you for sharing this with me.  I am so proud of you and your Dedication and the lives you have touched.

  16. Renee Ward | Nov 04, 2020
    Truly inspiring to all those who have fought the fight against cancer. Amazing tribute to an amazing woman I'm honored to call a friend!
  17. Mallory Reynolds | Nov 04, 2020
    Awesome tribute!!! Very deserving of this honor! 
  18. mary crouse | Nov 04, 2020

    i am so proud to know alice and so amazed at

    her spirit and her force behind the liason of


    and delta. I feel


    to be in her

    shadow. Let us continue

    her incrdible



  19. Katrina Cowan | Nov 04, 2020

    Alice you are such an amazing lady inside and out. God knew what he was doing when hemade you.  You’re my inspiration and rainbow in my life.  Thank you for being responsible for the pink dress we all love wearing in October.



  20. Terri Hobby | Nov 04, 2020

    What an amazing honor! So happy to know Alice

    personally and have been able to be a part of her

    cause, she has helped so many, and inspired so many more!

  21. Harley Willis | Nov 04, 2020
    I hope this is to be a permanent display at the Museum . I have seen crew members wearing the attire and it truly makes a statement to Delta`s commitment toward this disease. Thanks again to my dear lifelong friend Alice Ramsey for her dedication in pursuing the Breast Cancer Awareness dress uniform and attachments for all flight crew members. Last but not least thanks for the Pink Plane , As a retired Air Force Crew Chief and Aircraft Mechanic it makes a lasting statement.
  22. Harley Willis | Nov 04, 2020
    I  am elated with happiness for my lifelong friend. A very deserving Honor for your hard work in fighting Breast Cancer. I look forward to visiting the Museum in the future ( I`ll be sure to let Alice know when )
  23. Carole Newell Storey | Nov 04, 2020
    i think the pink dress that is displayed at the Delta museum should be the original pink dress style (the Richard Tyler wrap dress).  This shows a second generation pink dress....but talks anout the first pink dress!  This leads  people to beleive thats the original dress.
  24. David | Nov 04, 2020
    Alice is the sweetest most caring person i know. She gives her all for everyone.  She helps raise money for our community for people who are going through cancer treatments or other life struggles. I am so glad Delta dud this. Thank you. 
  25. Stephanie Martin Rohling | Nov 04, 2020
    I love this and I love Alice Ramsey! This goes to show the impact that one person can make in the world! Thank you Alice for doing so much for patients and peers!!! Love you!
  26. Lizabeth Simonson | Nov 04, 2020
    Delta Pinktober would never have been what it is without Alice and her Pink Dress!!!!  Love you Alice!!!
  27. Ray McKnight | Nov 04, 2020
    I love my sister,  she is an outstanding person a loving and caring  who has always looked out for the other person's health and wakeful.  We were all raised that way, 6 McKnight siblings. But Alice has taken it another step.   If are lucky enough to know her you understand what I  mean!!!  I love you,    your brother Ray ❤ 
  28. nerine | Nov 04, 2020
    Alice is a one class lady - - that we are all so    Proud of  !!! Way to go!!! pink will live live on !!   😍😍
  29. Dawn Floodman | Nov 04, 2020

    A wonderful commendation for a wonderful lady. As a survivor i had the great joy of flying on the pink plane with Alice. I also had the great pleasure of.  working flights with her, which was do much fun.   But my fondest memory was being one of 50 flightattendants invited to New York City to watch as      then CEO, Richard Anderson, was honored by the   BCRF for all the great work Delta has done to raise funds for this fantastic organization. 
    Congratulations Alice!!

  30. Amber Anderson | Nov 04, 2020
    Congratulations to you Alice.  
    All the best, Amber
  31. Collette Bowman | Nov 04, 2020
    Thank you Alice Ramsey and Delta for all you do ❤️
  32. Marcia Proctor | Nov 04, 2020

    Please correct the photograph of the closeup of the ALICE wings. The widgets on the pocket scarf should be pointing upward.

  33. Kristy Bass | Nov 04, 2020

    This is a well deserved honor! Knowing Alice and her family for almost 40 years, I can honestly say she has always been a smiling source of inspiration! A well respected and loved member of her community, Alice has a true heart of gold. I am so proud and humbled to be able to call this lady my friend! Thank you, Delta, for featuring this story of such an amazing person!

  34. SydneyAnne Strangarity | Nov 04, 2020
    Alice Ramsey is an angel to all who know, and have or have ever known her!
  35. Johnnie Mack | Nov 03, 2020
    Congrata on every Mile you have flown,,and thank you for what you do.
  36. Lynn Williams Mobley | Nov 03, 2020
    That AMAZING contagious smiling face in the picture at the top of this post is the total reason that Alice is such an inspiration!!!  Thank you to Delta..the GREATEST AIRLINE for supporting one of the GREATEST "SPIRITS" that Delta was blessed to hire!!!  
  37. Kelly MCCormack | Nov 03, 2020
    Well deserved honor! Alice is such an inspiration !

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