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Odes to the Biscoff Cookie

Dec 11, 2020

In honor of #NationalCookie Day on December 4th, we asked our Facebook and Instagram followers to send us their best haiku poems about the beloved Biscoff cookies that have been served on Delta flights since the mid1980s. We wrote our own poem to start the creativity, and our followers responded! Which is your favorite?

Delta Flight Museum: Biscoff cookies take / Me back to distant travels / How I’m missing you!

Joshua Adam Zweighaft: Where is my cookie / Delicious Biscoff cookies / Give it to me now

Bob Bruns: Flight Attendant Dad / Made flying safe for all / Biscoff from his trips

Doug Wolff: Removing Biscoffs / From Delta planes is a crime / Call the cookie cops!   Biscoffs and scotch, please / They go together quite well / I like to dunk them.   Oh wait I was wrong / It's milk for dunking Biscoffs / But I still like scotch.

Tyler French: Gifted Mechanic / He helped Delta planes fly / A gift from his work

Barton Green: Bite the Biscoff / Cookie and peanuts chew / Instant Cracker Jacks

Jaimie Witsberger Henson: A little boy / A small brown cookie / Be still my heart

Jonathan Doss: Sweet and savory / Your crumbs cascade on my lap / I need a napkin

Ben Whaley: Grab a small lime wedge / Squeeze it over the cookie / Now it’s key lime pie

Marshall Massengale: Biscoff and a Coke / A mile in every nibble / Relax and enjoy!

Scott Hartz: Biscoffs Baileys and Coffee / The perfect treat / At 30 thousand feet

Kerry Fino: Pretzels or biscoff? / Who am I kidding right now... / Twenty Biscoffs please

James Reila: Fly with me my sweet / Coffee and my precious treat / Biscoff and Delta

Jen Banks Rocha: Cookies are the best / I await our reunion / Delta and Biscoff

merlandersawyer: I love you, Delta / Miss you very much, more than / A thousand cookies

redskyqueen: In the mood for pie? / Squeeze a pinch of lime on top / Key lime pie to-go

erictidd: Fly me far from here / Take me to a better place / Delta and Biscoff

Thanks to everyone that participated.  We had fun reading your poems!

Tiffany Meng

Director - Operations 


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  1. B W | Jul 13, 2022

    My first time flying the Biscoff cookies were given to my daughter and i .

    I had never tried them before  really enjoyed them .

  2. Ron Kercheval | Sep 07, 2021
    Every time I visit Kroger to buy Biscoff cookies I imagine i’m boarding a Delta flight and that the cookies have a Widget on them.  My wife and i refer to them as airplane cookies.  #AvGeek
  3. Marcia (DAL f/a 5/3/76 - 7/31/20) | Dec 12, 2020

    How many times

    Have my passengers asked me

    For a "biscotti"?

    (It's okay. I knew what they meant. I was blessed to be there to serve!)

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