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Donation Spotlight: Dell and Elayne Sutherlin

Apr 25, 2021

Cara finger Aunt

Former Delta Stewardess Dell Sutherlin with two pilots and a Delta DC-3 in the background

Everyone loves getting something in the mail,but it is not everyday you receive a postcard from 1944! Recently we were sent just that! 


Seen above is the front of a jumbo sized postcard sent from former Delta Stewardess Dell Sutherlin to her sister, Elayne Sutherlin in November, 1944, from College Park, Georgia to Haughton, Louisiana. Pictured in flight is Delta DC-3, NC 28340, Ship 40. This plane was delivered to Delta Air Lines on November 29, 1940. Therefore, by the time this postcard was sent, Ship 40 had seen it's fair share of the southern states! 

Below is the back of the postcard with Dell's message to her sister. She seemed to be having some cheeky fun with her...

"Dear Layne - Here is a big picture of Delta for you. Why don't you write to me? You should be able to write a little by now. Do you make any A's? And what would you like for X-mas? Let me know before I come home. See you Christmas.. Love, Dell"


The print at the bottom of the postcard shows part of Delta's contribution to the World War 2 home front war effort, "The ENEMY is listening--Don't SAY it. The ENEMY can READ--Don't WRITE it." This along with the "Loose Lips Sink Ships" campaign reminded allies at home and abroad to be careful with information during wartime. 

We love getting amazing contributions like this one in the mail. Many thanks to Cara Finger, daughter of Elayne Sutherlin for donating this piece of Delta family history. We appreciate your gift as it helps preserve both your aunt's and Delta's history.

To see more pieces of Delta history click the link for our Online Collections!


Austin Coleman



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  1. Neal De Jesus | Jul 29, 2021
    I flew Delta a few times to the Philippines I rode the 747 then the 777 then the A350 and last I’ll be riding the A330-900neo soon in December. 
  2. Michael McKendry | Jun 22, 2021
    Patrick, If DELTA doesn't want them I know a Museum that does... your grandfather was a QB and their Museum would love to have them.
  3. Patrick Higgins Clark | May 15, 2021
    is the musem interested in a pair of googles (good condition) worn by my Grand Father, Pat L. Higgins, chief pilot Delta air Service 1929 or there abouts. Wollman, Faulk, and Higgins were the three men that founded Delta Air Service in my grand mothers kitchen in Monroe La. 
    Woolman, bugs, Faulk, money, Higgins pilot. 

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