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A Donor Thanksgiving: Archives Edition!

Nov 25, 2021

Every year it is important to take time and give thanks to that and those that are meaningful in our lives. This year, like every year, we are very grateful for all of the donors and volunteers that made an impact through their gifts and time to help the museum remain what it is today. Each year we strive to preserve the history of Delta and its family of airlines for generations to appreciate. The past two years provided a massive challenge but with the help of those listed below we see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This Thanksgiving we give thanks to:

Peyman Talaei

Lillian Allen

Rowena Bailey


AeroKit Northwest Airlines; Gift of Rowena Bailey

Betty Gwynn

Judy Cable

Martina Goscha

Sharron Stine 

Anna Owens

Alexandria Mayers

William Van Dyck

Gary Engle

Steve Folden

Charles Quarles


Northwest Airlines Purser wings, Northwest Airlines Stewardess half-wing, and North Central Airlines Customer Service Agent pin; Gift of Charles Quarles  

Paul Foster

Erin Eby

Alan Leshner 

Leslie Klemperer

Candy Bruton

Carole Griffith


Hal Summers, Captain - Delta Air Lines drawing; Gift of Carolyn B. Summers and Family in memory of Harold F. (Hal) Summers

Lawrence Epps

Larry Laidlaw

William Blizzard

Gregg Magruder

Angela Barron

C. Jeffery Bonnell

Chris Dennis

John Godley


Delta Lockheed 10 Electra, NC14991, Ship 21 at Dallas Love Field; Copyright John S. Godley. Gift of John S. Godley, Photos by Paul Forman Godley

Patty Venables

Joshua Zweighaft

Kelley Lyons

Amelia Senkbeil

Cristina Kjos

Norbert Raith 

Michele and John Wilson

Mary Frost

Kathryn Riesgo


Delta Stewardess Wings; Gift of Kathryn Riesgo

Deb Tribby

John Boatright

Antonia Bergeron 

Kirby Anderson

Jo McGinley

Barbara Halverstadt

Kathy Shussler 

Linda Sienicki

Paul Talbott


Welding Goggles; Gift of Paul Talbott

Ward Sager

Gwen Reid 

Bob Gish 

Robert Donahue

Leslie Cobb

Lisa Quackenbush

David Garrett III


Dave Garrett's Purple Heart Medal; Gift of David C. Garrett III 

Margaret Gerloff

Christy Johnson

Mark Hess

Charles Zimmerman

Vicky Bergman

Holli Wilson

Aleta Buckalew

Elizabeth Janicki

Kathie Snyder


Western Airlines "Fiesta" Cup and Saucer Set; Gift of Kathie Snyder

Sly Pittman

Marsha Gilbert

Monica Loeffler

James Brady

Shari Peterson

Cara Finger

Bruce McRae

David Champa

Chester Thomas

Glenn LaTerre

Pamela Hunt

Bill Rosenbloom


Korean Air Pilot Hat; Gift of Bill Rosenbloom

Carleen Wesson

Ellen Papleacos

Richard Davis

William Bromenschenkel

David Wood

Else Brown

Marina Haro

Marilyn Simpson

Linda Jones

William Moriarty 

Lee Abernathy


Republic Airlines Boeing 727-200 Model Airplane; Gift of Lee Abernathy

Bryan Shirota

Jerie Wilson

Cameron Foster

Scott Von Wurtemberg

Harold Bevis

Frank Goalen

Janine Viada

James Lorence

Brian Gore

Rebecca McGraw

Olivia Brown

Alice Rigas

Mary Smith

Judy Jordan


Colonel Delta; Gift of Judy Jordan

Diane Martin

Cathie Stevens

Linda Braender

Barbara Becker

Ed Taylor

Laura Pace

Joni Harbin

Virginia Hines 

Tony LaMark

Alice Ramsey 


Prototype Delta Flight Attendant Uniform Pink Dress; Gift of Alice Ramsey

Marcia Proctor

Gerald P. Elder

Carla Williams

Claire Janas

Susan Wilson

Debra Dickerson

Richard Surrency

Donna Catrone

John Tanzella

Marcia Furman

John Walsh

Mary Chamberlin


C&S Convair - Liner Ashtray; Gift of Mary and Jim Chamberlin Jr in Memory of James Chamberlin

Chris Slimmer

Erik Bernhard 

Jack Kobeda

Julie Heard 

Cynthia Tims

Debbie Gray

Paul Rittler

Rick Rabousky 

Connie Bowlin 

A very special thanks to all of those that donated their time or Delta history to the Archives these past two years! Your generosity is what keeps us going! Thank you so much for helping make a tough time a little easier. From all of us at the Delta Flight Museum, Happy Thanksgiving!  

Austin Coleman


If you have a donation, please contact me at 


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  1. Jill McNichol-Harrell | Dec 08, 2023
    How long does Delta keep photos of stewardess classes and individual photos?  Is it possible to order a photo and pay for it of course?  I was part of the Golden Age of flying and have wonderful memories of being a Delta  'stew' way back when.  Thank you.
  2. Carole Griffith | Nov 27, 2021
    Hey Austin. With Mother’s death last year, we may come up with other donations. I’ll be in touch. 
  3. Marcia Proctor | Nov 25, 2021

    Thank you for what you do, Austin. There will be more to come from my Delta treasures in 2022. 


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