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Delta Pride Exhibit

Jun 01, 2023

The Delta Flight Museum unveiled its first ever Pride exhibit on June 1, just in time for LGBTQ+ Pride month. We are excited about being more intentionally inclusive in our historical interpretation within our exhibits.  

Delta Pride Exhibit

We have some Delta pride & LGBTQ+ artifacts in our archival collection, such as this rainbow pin from Northwest’s WorldTeam Day:

NorthWest Inclusivity Pin

We are actively seeking to collect more artifacts and stories that will better represent Delta’s LGBTQ+ history.  Our hope is that this exhibit will be a steppingstone in the right direction.

Pride and LGBTQ+ history is part of Delta’s history, as Delta has had many members of the LGBTQ+ community work for them over the years.  Delta has had a presence at Pride festivals throughout the United States & even abroad, since at least the early 2000s.  Additionally, Delta has 10 business resource groups, including EQUAL which is “committed to fostering a community in which Delta’s LGBTQ+ employees can feel comfortable about their authentic selves.”

In the Museum, we are pursuing equity and consciously promoting inclusion. We want our historical interpretation to be more inclusive and representative of narratives that have not been given much attention.  This means seeking ways to educate the public on lived experiences of the LGBTQ+ community, which is a desired outcome for this exhibit.

We invite you to come see this exhibit. Check out our homepage to see when the museum is open.

To tell a more honest and inclusive history of Delta Air Lines, the museum is actively seeking to collect additional artifacts and stories that represent Delta’s LGBTQ+ history.  If you have objects or stories that you’re willing to share, please reach out to the museum archives’ team at

Nina Thomas

Director - Exhibits & Public Programs

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  1. Hänz Dasler | Dec 22, 2023

    I see several posts on other topics, and few here come to give their opinions, the importance of the museum is also to awaken to the inclusive side of the industry!

    We have always had gays in aviation, pilots, mechanics, flight attendants, as well as lesbians, from the beginning until the freedom of society from the 70s onwards. Aviation has historically welcomed a tolerant environment, we all know that. Those who are older and retired, practice CRM, yes, the one we learned in so many training sessions.

    Practice human relations and Civility by respecting and having tolerance.

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