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Oct 08, 2013

Thank you to all our vendors and visitors who attended Saturday’s Airline Collectibles Show, and a big shout out goes to all our sponsors!  With your participation, we were able to have our most profitable fundraiser in years. So, thank you, thank you, thank you!  

This year’s Airline Collectibles Show was held in Hangar 1, making it much more intimate than previous years. That’s because Hangar 2 is still a hard hat area…

All the glass in Hangar 2’s doors has been removed; the doors have been sanded down; and a new sheet of metal has been put up to replace the Plexi triangle over the doors.

10-1-13 Hangar 2 Exterior

The interior of Hangar 2 is seeing just as much action. Work is happening from the ceiling down to the floor. In case you’re wondering what the silver ductwork is in the middle of this photo, it’s the air conditioning for the office building attached to the hangar. (This will eventually be moved outside.)  The Spirit of Delta is hidden behind it.

10-8-13 Hangar 2 interior

A few months ago, our Museum Office moved from the center spine between the hangars to a space off of Hangar 1. That’s because our old offices are being turned into brand new restrooms! Here is a view from our old back door looking ahead to the front.

10-8-13 Old Museum office

So as you can see, a lot is going on around here.  We expect to move our Store into a temporary location the week of Oct. 21st, and then work will start on Hangar 1.  In the meantime, Hangar 1 is still open, so stop by to see our progress. 

Tiffany Meng

Museum Director

P.S.  Mark your calendars for next year’s Show – the first Saturday of October. It’ll be in our renovated facility!

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  1. Herbie Ryland | Oct 09, 2013
    Hello Tiffany-- I met you with Hank Biedenharn at the 80th anniversary--6-17-09; I need a DELTA cap for a talk I am giving and was unable to order on line--Can you help me with this problem?--Thanks--and hope to see you at the 85th anniversary with Hank.

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