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Volunteer Spotlight: Capt. Jim Daigneau

Jun 28, 2018

If you visit at a time when Museum Volunteer Capt. Jim Daigneau is here, consider yourself lucky! Jim is a Delta captain on the Airbus 320 and often stops by before or after a flight. He’s been with Delta since July 1989, and has had a long-time love affair with aviation. 

6-19-18 Jim Daigneau in uniform

Ever since he was a kid, Jim’s dream was to fly airplanes. On his 16th birthday, his father took him on his first flight, and he was hooked from there. Jim flew civilian aircraft and worked at a local airport through college, and then joined the U.S. Navy, flying a variety of carrier aircraft for 16 years. He was hired with Delta in 1989 as a Boeing 727 flight engineer and has since worked his way up to flight instructor, first officer, and now captain.

When Jim is at the Museum, he can usually be found giving a tour, chatting with visitors or working at one of our fundraising events. Despite having flown Boeing 767 The Spirit of Delta as part of his regular Delta work, his favorite aircraft is still the DC-3

2-13-18 Jim Daigneau, DC-3 tour

However, Jim's volunteer contributions are not just limited to his on-site activities here at the Delta Flight Museum. Recently, Jim became interested in the history of our 1940s Link Trainer, located in Historic Hangar 2 beside our modern Boeing 737 Simulator. He assisted with the renovation of the Link instructor's desk, which we just put on display with the pilot trainer.

Link Trainer desk and Jim Daigneau

Jim put in many hours of research and networking with other museums and individuals to ensure that the instruments and maps you see on the desk are as historically accurate as possible. 

Link Trainer desk top

Jim also wrote a 9-page paper, collecting the information he gathered while researching the history of our Link Trainer. To learn all about the Link family, Delta's Link history, our "Blue Box" pilot trainer and instructor's desk--and more--check out Jim's report (PDF format) here.   

The next time you come to visit, keep an eye out for Jim and say hello!

Judy Bean
Manager – Surplus Sales & Volunteers

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  1. Captain Jim Carney | Oct 24, 2018

    Thank you for preserving aviation history. Like Captain Jim Daigneau, since I was 5 years old I always wanted to be a pilot. My airline career started with NCA in 1966 at the tender age of 21. My first aircraft was copilot on the Convair 440 which were later converted to the Convair 580. I got to fly all the DC 9 series.  After the merger of Republic with Northwest I retired in late 2004 flying the 747-400 including 6301 which is in the museum. To fly the Queen of the Skies was an honor. I feel very lucky!!

    I still fly my own plane and use it in many charitable ways. I also give many first plane rides to young people .

    Yes, I still look up when a plane flies overhead.


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