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New Permanent Installation: Aircraft Model Room

Aug 21, 2018


Douglas DC-7 Aircraft Model featured in Delta Flight Museum's new Aircraft Model Room

If you have visited our Prop Era Hangar in the last few months you’ve had the opportunity to enjoy the Aircraft Model Room, our newest exhibit space. We are very excited to share with museum visitors one of our largest and most fascinating collections.


Designed to be both a display space and storage area, almost our entire model collection is now on public view. We plan for frequent changes and themed exhibitions to highlight the collection.


 Our collection features models from Delta's family tree like this Douglas DC-9 in Northeast livery.

Our hope is that it provides a great opportunity for aviation enthusiasts (av-geeks!) to show off their knowledge of the differences in aircraft design. Of considerable interest and enjoyment are the models that feature cutaways to interiors. The space also give us the flexibility to put newly acquired models on display quickly. 


We also have models of aircraft that never were, like this proposed 7N7 with a t-tail. Eventually Boeing decided to go back to the drawing board to create the B757.


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